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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

My Prayer for Today's Bible Verse

I pray for them. I pray that their eyes will be opened to see how they're responsive in a way they don't think is hurtful. I pray that their rash behavior is eased into a tranquil resolution. I pray that they've an understanding to be still, quiet and listen. I pray that their words and actions lean softly, more gentle. I pray that they begrudge not those they have judged negatively. I pray a positivity within their mind to be more thoughtful with empathy. I pray they speak with wisdom over matters of the heart. I pray they're able to seek forgiveness and grant it where it's due. I pray relationships with friends and family are mended. I pray for God's love to reign in their lives and reach out in search for peace. Lord, please guard our hearts when we feel we're under attack by those who have a mindset that they can't be teachable and would rather shoot daggers with their words. Let it not be maddening to our souls. Keep us stable with sound mind and allow us to react as Jesus would. May we be blessed as we deal with such surrounding us. Amen.
Let it be so.

P.S. - Hello to Lithuania!

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