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Friday, August 23, 2019

No Cause for Clashing Cultures

I'm sad today. I'm sad for the state of our world, our nations, our countries, our homelands. I can't help but feel a burden for us lately, when I realize the state we're in.
Sooo much hate.
There was a time when the first created branched out to sow their own roles in their world. However, soon they sought after others in destinations once unknown. Many assume this was just to conquer more that they desired. While it may be that chance encounters made way for terrible beginnings sometimes, I tend to think otherwise. I feel that those who sought out a new world for themselves were on an exploration fittin' for their adventurous natures...that they had all intentions, initially, expectin' to learn from whomever they'd encounter and develop a relationship as they'd try to understand the other's world...that they had a yearnin' for somethin' more to their life's story.
But, what happened? Why, since that time so very long ago, has everything changed with regard to a concern for the preservation of self and less caring to share?
I don't understand. Aside from the stereotypes that have culminated into today's society, we're all relatively the same. I know I may face backlash from some of you viewers, but this post is not a proclamation of where I stand with politics or practices. And, you'd be surprised. There are many aspects of society that I despise and I don't see eye to eye with many less traditional sides of the coin. While I agree I'm a product of all who've come before me that's helped shape who I am today, I can think for myself. The only thing I know is that if I believe in a God who's lovin' enough to lay down his life for me, I must be lovin' enough to care for the rest of y''s that simple.
That goes for any other belief systems, or paganism, for I truly believe that God has made Himself known to all those others in a way they'll comprehend. There's no room for hate.
There's no point in it suckin' the life outta ya. Please don't let your life be run into ruin by givin' in to such an atrocity that wastes valuable energy that could be spent in joy and happiness.
Love has got to rule, no exceptions.
Be adventurous, let your explorative nature seek out understandin'.
Have the willingness to want to be open and learn from all that surrounds you. Let it call you. Have the discernment to stay on the right track, though, followin' a more enlightened path.

As a product of my environment comin' from The South and bein' moved to a place I expected to be totally the opposite, I was surprised to come face to face with the prejudices now surroundin' me. I'm talkin' from every race, creed, color, sex, you name it.
It's hard not to get lost in what's in your face callin' your name, though, honestly. I just remember that no matter some of the feelings and thoughts that try to take over my soul, LOVE is the only answer.
There's always a lesson to be learned on both sides as long as love is present in the midst.
We can't give in to that which is evil and prompts us to lash out at those unlike us.
We have to realize we all have one Creator and He's shapin' us all into our very own masterpiece.
Stop worryin' 'bout everyone else, and let Him work. It isn't for us to dictate. We don't have final authority, in the end.

I must admit that it's hard for me to let love win, a lot, with the way others behave...and, believe me, I come from many that've disheartened lives under their rule. I am caught up in the middle of race wars, with those I love fightin' on either side.
But, I know that if I follow the truth, y'all are all my brothers and sisters, I can't deny it.
We all bleed the same. Thank y'all for bein' part of my life. I wish I could know ya, truly. I'd like to challenge everyone to do somethin' nice for someone you'd never have a thought of carin' 'bout. I'll get off my soapbox now. Be blessed, y'all.

Exactly what I'm tryin' to say, in a song.

P.S. - thank y'all for checkin' up on my blog while I've been away. Sorry it's been a while.

Copyright August 23rd, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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