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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Greater Good

We are not in this for ourselves. We were not created to stand alone.

Throughout this life of mine, most especially the last 2 decades, I've learned there's more than just me. I've never been the type to have to have all eyes on me but I've found myself lately wonderin' why, just a li'l bit, I seem to go unnoticed. Then, I quickly remind myself that I am what I do for others, how I care for others, when I share with others, even where I go for us all.

I don't need or want to shine in the spotlight, but would like just a glimmer shot into this world from show my commitment in contributin' to it's best.

Life's not easy, no. I feel, as of late, it's been quite more difficult than ever. Even as I sit here typin' this, my body's been wrecked from the burden of stress tryin' to press me down. These last couple of months have worn me out, y'all. But, I've given my best to all and everything surroundin' me. In all my ways I've pulled outta myself 'til it seems there ain't a drop I've not poured in.

Everything happenin' has confirmed that there is no time in life for isolated solitude. Our presence is required to join the production of life.

In some way, we help guide the fate of our destiny, though God has final say and we must resign ourselves to not fight so. While only He knows the course, it's smoother under the care of those with a true willingness to abide beside through the faults as we falter.

The solitary may manage, but I do believe that help comes along at just the right moment for all of us. Each of us can't deny a time when God reached out to us through a form of help by someone, no matter how small or minute.

We must keep memory of that and do as they say these days by "payin' it forward". WE are NOT alone.

Through all of these trials lately, I know I've not been shoved away into the corner of loneliness, though it seems I long for someone to realize what I do, it's good enough havin' the understandin' that God has promised that all things will work for our good when we do for the greater good of others in our world and ourselves.

When I've felt that melodramatic mindset of "oh me" and "why oh why" as I've gone through this most recent tryin' period, God's reminded me that He sees...through others that have offered encouragement and smiles and understandin'.

It seems so small and slight sometimes, but in the briefest moments I feel Him nudgin' me forward outta myself for the benefit of those I love. There is one goal for our lives.

He's taught us that we must srive for love and peace and to echo this throughout our lives for others to see our lights shinin' to take it up and carry on in that spirit of glory for the greater good ...our greater good, together. If we do not live in such a way, we risk the death of our minds, bodies and souls..crushed spirits. The tiniest negatives will effect us in the darkest ways and we'll succumb. Thankfully, I know that through God's grace, He's always offered us an out by revealin' a positive from the place of selfless gratitude shown to us in His love that he guides us to feelin'.

Y'all, while I feel spent and burnt after goin' through the most recent struggles, I know I've worked for the greater good of my family and friends and have helped many to help others and send this out further into this place we call our homeland.All of y'all who're residin' elsewhere can do so, spreadin' rays of light with love throughout your own countries and within your communities.
We must truly be the change we wish to see in the world, and I think we'll find a source of joy in knowin' that even in our darkest moments we can give from ourselves an inklin' of who we are to someone else in need of our concern. We can't do this life by ourself and must remember that everyone facin' their own battles deserves a kindess to prod them in movin' along. Our love can help heal this world.

Please, join me in creatin' change for the betterment of our lives. It doesn't mean you'll not face trial, but in that, in doin' despite our own struggle, we'll overcome while healin'. 
Let's start today.
I love and pray for you all.

Please, enjoy this song.

Copyright July 17, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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