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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Quick Update

Hi, y'all! I know it's been a while, but here I am, again.
As these last few weeks have been so tumultuous, I ain't sure how to go from here, I must say. I started this blog to have an outlet for expression, but I feel bound by so many aspects of life that I'm unable to share for one reason or another. Sometimes I question where I'm goin' with this or what is the true intent and purpose. I don't feel as though I've certain knowledge to share that isn't already part of our human experience in this rough world. It's so hard to navigate, isn't it?
I feel like no matter how hard I try or the more I give, I'm left empty, breakin'. I dunno where y'all are. I do know that if we cling to Him we'll make it through. Right now I feel hope is necessary to face the future.
I'm tryin' to think of a direct topic to speak on, but nothing's comin' to me at the moment. 
I really just wanted to thank everyone that's popped by my blog to have a look. I dunno what reactions it's brought to you. I'm wonderin' what y'all would even like to hear 'bout. 
Bein' that I'm a military wife, I must be careful..and, I'm very protective of my family, also. 
What else is there for me to write 'bout when that's the whole of my life, though?
Durin' this time off, I've questioned why I don't just take my blog down. But, there's gotta be some way to still share life in all its glory or shortcomings. Guess I need to do some more thinkin'.
I'd love to hear from y'all, especially elsewhere in the world.
I must go for now, but hopefully I'll be back with a li'l somethin' for y'all to read soon.
Thank you to those who've checked in on my page while I've been away. I hope life's been comin' along for y'all okay.
Ta ta for now!

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