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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Li'l Surprises

So, I know I've shared some 'bout my birthday and Mother's Day, but I left out the tokens I received by those who've loved me most.
It was such a surprise to me when these things came in. It's been difficult to have correspondence with my husband on duty for our government, but when I opened a very beat up box that he wrapped both ways all 'round (lol) to find a NAVY bear that I could squeeze and hear a lovin' message in his voice, it meant the world just to hold a piece of him.
My parents sent me 3 presents to go with each of my cards...I will cherish these, as they're so very special to me.
The thoughtfulness of my loved ones is so precious, and I'm thankful for these day brighteners, and reminders of just how much I'm thought of and loved.
It also reminds me of how our God surprises us with poignant moments that cause us to be aware of His love throughout our lives...His blessings and the li'l miracles He proves His love for us with.
So, today, I hope y'all can relish in your own memories that've been a blessing to ya. Remember, you're special, no matter need of occasion.
I pray you feel the sweetness of some li'l surprise of your own in everyday/night. Blessings, y'all!

'Cause we all need and want some sugar.

Thank you, Spain, for readin'!

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