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Friday, May 3, 2019

Hunt for the Truth

So, here in The States, we've recently celebrated the holiday of Easter.
One of the festivities of this day is the usual Easter egg hunt.
While my children are on their way through their teen years, I couldn't help myself from gettin' sparkly grass and a dozen eggs for each of them to fill with several different types of candy in order to put on a hunt for them.
I'd had to hide their eggs separately - the boys havin' their own sides of our yard. My daughter's was to come a li'l later, as she'd pulled a late shift and I allowed her the rest, but her sweet, rather prankster, of a li'l bro wanted to hide hers. I followed him 'round so we could assure to know where they all were for her to find. While waitin' for her to jaunt outside I sat out in a lounge. While enjoyin' the beautiful sunshine and peace of an unusually quiet day, our li'l neighbor gal came awkwardly out from the corner of our house (where he'd hid one of the eggs behind a gutter) and hesitated when she saw me, then proceeded to tell me that we'd missed an egg, to which I replied that my daughter's bro hid them for her to come find. She didn't seem to know what to do, but pulled her sleeves over her hands and strolled by with an air 'bout her that seemed unlike her. Well, after my doodle searched and only came up with 10 eggs, we thought a disappointin' thing. I could've let it go, but she was upset to have had such a time that turned out to be more special than I realized ruined. To me, it was the principle of the matter, as we've heard the stories that've gone 'round 'bout her bein' sneaky. While I didn't wanna upset her family's day, I did knock on their door to make mention of the incident, only to have quipped back at me excuses and the fact that there's no proof. Her brothers were sent out the back door to acquire her and she was sent 'round to have a talk with me, in which she adamantly denied havin' anything to do with it and thought to tell me 'bout other children that'd gone by(no-one while I was out there), though I know she'd gone to meet with friends just after her passin', as when I popped my head in the door to remind my daughter what awaited her, I saw her pass through our backyard. I didn't fuss at her, but let her know of my distrust and disappointment and reminded her that God knows the truth and I still love her anyways.
My daughter, who'd watched this take place, wasn't keen on understandin' what'd just taken place and I told her that I hoped those 2 eggs were the blessin' of her day. Then, I realized, upon takin' the dog out 'round a patch of trees in the back to go potty, that she'd ditched the evidence down a trail on her way back to the house. While it was frustratin', it's to her chagrin that I know better. She'd made a choice and whatever comes of it, well.

It reminds me of how God allows us the freewill to make choices, good or bad, and that those bad choices with their consequences still don't mean that He hates us, but He lets us learn from them. He'll always love us anyways, without pushin' His agenda in our face. He always forgives us, though He's disappointed.
He always gives us chances to do the right thing, and He will seek out the truth from us. He'll allow us to live with whatever eats at us in the back of our minds 'til we come in earnest with apology. I know that I won't get one, but I pray she's said a li'l prayer 'bout such a small thing with big ramifications if her path continues this way. And, the other thing is that no-one else can hide us from His sight..He's all seeing, all knowin'.
All we inevitably answer to is Almighty, and that's all that matters. He knows. He gives, and only He can take away. There are blessings through the downfall, but He will seek us out in His ways 'til we deal with the confrontation adequately, truthfully. I'm lucky that I am not He and I am able to let such a minor issue go. Oh, how He took our burdens for us..our wrongs. How blessed we are. And, in Him we should go 'bout our lives seekin' out the honourable for ourselves.
Be thankful for the goodness, and mind yourself.

Here's the perfect song 'bout the need for us all to be honest.

P.S. - thank you for readin', Peru!

Copyright May 3rd 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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