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Monday, May 13, 2019

Blessed Beyond Measure

I write this with joyful heart and thankfulness to The Good Lord for givin' me life so that I may LOVE the precious miracles that have risen up to call me Blessed.

The other day(6 days ago, now, from the time I began this)was my birthday. I'm so grateful for bein' born to have the love of my family and to love those God's placed in my life that're the most special ever to grace my presence. My parents sent me 3 cards, y'all...3 cards, 'cause they just couldn't express any less how much my birth 40 years ago means to them. The surprise of my bouquet, so colorful. So much gratitude I have!

The day beforehand, my son and I both found out we're ill with different things that'd keep us down for a few days. What a bummer to have been held in a hospital 'til late at night just before a very special day that I'd now have to spend laid up while also carin' for my ill li'l man.

But, with my positivity I chose to make the best of  things. As I kept on our medicines, the 2 of us enjoyed some down time watchin' movies nice to hear the jokes causin' the giggles in me that I miss while he's in school.

Throughout the day, quite a good many loved ones and ol' school friends wished me a HAPPY Birthday, and I'm so appreciative of the kind words that also helped lift my spirit and allow me to feel special.

My daughter and munchkin displayed a beautiful spread of a Parisian dinner laid out before me on great-grandmother's fine china.
She'd had her brothers out at the store for gifts, apparently, some time before this day's arrival and when I felt the time comin' was prepared for the cute and humble home-made tear-jerkers was again surprised by several bags of well thought out themed presents...also, very much tear-jerkers. I realized the maturity that's now become my daughter's persona, her carin' to guide her brothers, and her ability to thoughtfully consider me with a grown kinda love. I am grateful God's fulfilled his promise I'd not ceased to pray in that I'd live through to seein' her at least graduate her studies and enter her young adulthood. He's been good to do so.
Of course, my heart still had a sadness since not havin' hubby here due to his deployment, but I had hope to receive somethin' of him some time between my birthday and Mother's Day. I'll forever be proud of the scarifices made to protect.

All in all, despite goin' through a painful time in a few ways, I know I've passed through the best birthday by my children, and feel especially specially loved and blessed, beyond measure.

I love my life, and wouldn't trade it or take anything for it. I'm blessed to have been blessed to be alive and breathin'. What a blessin' of a birthday, to feel the ever Proverbial(31) woman.

I've always clung to bein' embraced by such a moment. Thank you, Jesus.

Copyright May 13, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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