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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Li'l Surprises

So, I know I've shared some 'bout my birthday and Mother's Day, but I left out the tokens I received by those who've loved me most.
It was such a surprise to me when these things came in. It's been difficult to have correspondence with my husband on duty for our government, but when I opened a very beat up box that he wrapped both ways all 'round (lol) to find a NAVY bear that I could squeeze and hear a lovin' message in his voice, it meant the world just to hold a piece of him.
My parents sent me 3 presents to go with each of my cards...I will cherish these, as they're so very special to me.
The thoughtfulness of my loved ones is so precious, and I'm thankful for these day brighteners, and reminders of just how much I'm thought of and loved.
It also reminds me of how our God surprises us with poignant moments that cause us to be aware of His love throughout our lives...His blessings and the li'l miracles He proves His love for us with.
So, today, I hope y'all can relish in your own memories that've been a blessing to ya. Remember, you're special, no matter need of occasion.
I pray you feel the sweetness of some li'l surprise of your own in everyday/night. Blessings, y'all!

'Cause we all need and want some sugar.

Thank you, Spain, for readin'!

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Reason Behind Mother's Day

So, yesterday was Mother's Day.
And, boy what a mother it was. :/
It seemed like it was doomed from the start. Due to the illness afflicted upon me a week ago, I found it incredibly difficult to sit upright in the bed yesterday mornin' and try to plant my feet on the floor..but, I was determined not to let the devil hold me back from bringin' my children into the spirituality I've been trainin' them to grow under since they're born.
After rousin' everyone, we were able to trudge through the motions of gettin' ready and makin' our way through a near accident along the way, but be greeted so ecstatically on the way into sanctuary. 
My heart's light from the moment I awoke, in that I was thankin' God for another day and such a special day all the more to delight in my children.
The ambiance enterin' church was soothin', the fellowship enlightenin' and the music harmoniously sweet. 
However, li'l man, who thought he'd try to venture out for our special day (he'd come down with a viral ick just before my birthday last week) began dealin' with lightheaded spells and havin' shortness of breath. He made it through the service, though I knew he was pushin', and also tried his best to push through supper aftwerward. Now, this wasn't the place my doodle had thought to bring me, but each place we drove to was so busy with lines out the doors. I tried to share with them a spot I found a while back, but even though the food was good, he couldn't enjoy it and there was one mishap after another throughout our time at the table. 
Big Sis seemed so drained after service and the eatin' experience that she got gruff after the rest of her plans weren't pannin' out right, but I thought the best thing was for us to just simply sit outside and enjoy some sun and fresh air with each other...but, she's playin' vampire and Draco couldn't get the dog to run or fetch, so we decided it's best to bring li'l man back inside after a coughin' fit turned his nails purple and his face choked up sendin' him nearly to the floor. I tried to get him rested while I changed clothes in order to get him to the hospital. 
He was adamant that he's not goin' 'cause he didn't wanna ruin my day, but I said the reason there's a today is 'cause I am his mother and my duties to him as my son are all the time.
It's not ruinin' my day to care for him as God allows me to do.
He's my reason for livin' to be the mother he needs. He is more special to me than a holiday to celebrate how special I am. I'm glad and thankful to be his mother.
I wouldn't be his mother, especially on a day like Mother's Day, if I didn't care for him...that it's innately a part of who I am. He said to me that I am especially special for lovin' and carin' for him, no matter what.
In the meantime, Big Sis crashed out while she and her li'l bro lounged 'round her room with the gamin' system...and forgot what the theme of the day was, so when we came home later that evenin' to her sassy self and the thought came to her, I looked at her disappointed face and before she could apologize I told her that EVERY day is Mother's Day for ME.
My munchkin asked me why, to which I'd replied it's 'cause of him and his siblings...that they're the reason that I'm a reason, and I'm a reason 'cause my Momma's my reason and so on so forth all the way back to grandmother Eve, so we're all the reason behind Mother's Day. 

So, I've spent  the whole of this new week thus far doin' what I do...bein' Momma...all the time, for they're my reason.
And, I love it..bein' their Momma. And, I'm thankful for bein' blessed to be their Momma.
I was told durin' the prime of my teen years that I most likely would never have children, and God decided to gift me with 3 precious miracles.
I'll devote my life to this privilege. It wouldn't be a holiday to celebrate for me if it weren't for bein' graced by them. They're my reason for breathin', for livin' to be my best love them.
My heart is so full and grateful for havin' these kiddos to be called their mother.
I'm so proud of them, and am blessed to have their love. To me, Mother's Day isn't just 'bout the mother, but the children she's had that give her that title. Once, again, that bein' said, my children are my reason behind my Mother's Day. 

For all y'all Mother's out there, I know it's comin' a bit late, but I do hope y'all had and continue to have a blessed Mother's Day, everyday.

Meanwhile, this song reminds me of back home and how my kiddos and I miss it, but thinkin' of them feelin' this way 'bout ours, also. There ain't nothin' like bein' back home at Momma's.

P.S. - Y'all, please pray for my li'l man, who's sufferin' from pneumonia currently. I appreciate it, thank you.
P.S.S. - Thank you to my readers in Luxembourg, Brazil and Portugal!

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Blessed Beyond Measure

I write this with joyful heart and thankfulness to The Good Lord for givin' me life so that I may LOVE the precious miracles that have risen up to call me Blessed.

The other day(6 days ago, now, from the time I began this)was my birthday. I'm so grateful for bein' born to have the love of my family and to love those God's placed in my life that're the most special ever to grace my presence. My parents sent me 3 cards, y'all...3 cards, 'cause they just couldn't express any less how much my birth 40 years ago means to them. The surprise of my bouquet, so colorful. So much gratitude I have!

The day beforehand, my son and I both found out we're ill with different things that'd keep us down for a few days. What a bummer to have been held in a hospital 'til late at night just before a very special day that I'd now have to spend laid up while also carin' for my ill li'l man.

But, with my positivity I chose to make the best of  things. As I kept on our medicines, the 2 of us enjoyed some down time watchin' movies nice to hear the jokes causin' the giggles in me that I miss while he's in school.

Throughout the day, quite a good many loved ones and ol' school friends wished me a HAPPY Birthday, and I'm so appreciative of the kind words that also helped lift my spirit and allow me to feel special.

My daughter and munchkin displayed a beautiful spread of a Parisian dinner laid out before me on great-grandmother's fine china.
She'd had her brothers out at the store for gifts, apparently, some time before this day's arrival and when I felt the time comin' was prepared for the cute and humble home-made tear-jerkers was again surprised by several bags of well thought out themed presents...also, very much tear-jerkers. I realized the maturity that's now become my daughter's persona, her carin' to guide her brothers, and her ability to thoughtfully consider me with a grown kinda love. I am grateful God's fulfilled his promise I'd not ceased to pray in that I'd live through to seein' her at least graduate her studies and enter her young adulthood. He's been good to do so.
Of course, my heart still had a sadness since not havin' hubby here due to his deployment, but I had hope to receive somethin' of him some time between my birthday and Mother's Day. I'll forever be proud of the scarifices made to protect.

All in all, despite goin' through a painful time in a few ways, I know I've passed through the best birthday by my children, and feel especially specially loved and blessed, beyond measure.

I love my life, and wouldn't trade it or take anything for it. I'm blessed to have been blessed to be alive and breathin'. What a blessin' of a birthday, to feel the ever Proverbial(31) woman.

I've always clung to bein' embraced by such a moment. Thank you, Jesus.

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Hunt for the Truth

So, here in The States, we've recently celebrated the holiday of Easter.
One of the festivities of this day is the usual Easter egg hunt.
While my children are on their way through their teen years, I couldn't help myself from gettin' sparkly grass and a dozen eggs for each of them to fill with several different types of candy in order to put on a hunt for them.
I'd had to hide their eggs separately - the boys havin' their own sides of our yard. My daughter's was to come a li'l later, as she'd pulled a late shift and I allowed her the rest, but her sweet, rather prankster, of a li'l bro wanted to hide hers. I followed him 'round so we could assure to know where they all were for her to find. While waitin' for her to jaunt outside I sat out in a lounge. While enjoyin' the beautiful sunshine and peace of an unusually quiet day, our li'l neighbor gal came awkwardly out from the corner of our house (where he'd hid one of the eggs behind a gutter) and hesitated when she saw me, then proceeded to tell me that we'd missed an egg, to which I replied that my daughter's bro hid them for her to come find. She didn't seem to know what to do, but pulled her sleeves over her hands and strolled by with an air 'bout her that seemed unlike her. Well, after my doodle searched and only came up with 10 eggs, we thought a disappointin' thing. I could've let it go, but she was upset to have had such a time that turned out to be more special than I realized ruined. To me, it was the principle of the matter, as we've heard the stories that've gone 'round 'bout her bein' sneaky. While I didn't wanna upset her family's day, I did knock on their door to make mention of the incident, only to have quipped back at me excuses and the fact that there's no proof. Her brothers were sent out the back door to acquire her and she was sent 'round to have a talk with me, in which she adamantly denied havin' anything to do with it and thought to tell me 'bout other children that'd gone by(no-one while I was out there), though I know she'd gone to meet with friends just after her passin', as when I popped my head in the door to remind my daughter what awaited her, I saw her pass through our backyard. I didn't fuss at her, but let her know of my distrust and disappointment and reminded her that God knows the truth and I still love her anyways.
My daughter, who'd watched this take place, wasn't keen on understandin' what'd just taken place and I told her that I hoped those 2 eggs were the blessin' of her day. Then, I realized, upon takin' the dog out 'round a patch of trees in the back to go potty, that she'd ditched the evidence down a trail on her way back to the house. While it was frustratin', it's to her chagrin that I know better. She'd made a choice and whatever comes of it, well.

It reminds me of how God allows us the freewill to make choices, good or bad, and that those bad choices with their consequences still don't mean that He hates us, but He lets us learn from them. He'll always love us anyways, without pushin' His agenda in our face. He always forgives us, though He's disappointed.
He always gives us chances to do the right thing, and He will seek out the truth from us. He'll allow us to live with whatever eats at us in the back of our minds 'til we come in earnest with apology. I know that I won't get one, but I pray she's said a li'l prayer 'bout such a small thing with big ramifications if her path continues this way. And, the other thing is that no-one else can hide us from His sight..He's all seeing, all knowin'.
All we inevitably answer to is Almighty, and that's all that matters. He knows. He gives, and only He can take away. There are blessings through the downfall, but He will seek us out in His ways 'til we deal with the confrontation adequately, truthfully. I'm lucky that I am not He and I am able to let such a minor issue go. Oh, how He took our burdens for us..our wrongs. How blessed we are. And, in Him we should go 'bout our lives seekin' out the honourable for ourselves.
Be thankful for the goodness, and mind yourself.

Here's the perfect song 'bout the need for us all to be honest.

P.S. - thank you for readin', Peru!

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