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Friday, April 5, 2019

Spring "Break"

So, Friday after school began my children's break for a li'l bit of Spring time fun.

Boy, has it been hectic. I've been a busy bee runnin' errands with and for them while I can have their help 'round here and tryin' our best to find fun things to do in this teeny town that doesn't cost an arm or a leg.
The teen center here has had 2 field trips with another one tomorrow. 
Today, my eldest son is mentorin' baseball for his youth group friends. Tomorrow he'll be mentorin' soccer for the tikes here on base. I'm so proud of him, as he's recently won a medal for bein' the military youth of the month, which reminds me that...
He's accomplishin' much as he begins his journey into becomin' a young man. 
My daughter has decided to slow down with her schoolin' for a bit and work more hours at her job, instead. This comes along with later hours that have me up waitin' for her 'til I know she's gotten home safely. This Momma's tired. For some reason, as tired as she is, she'll still stay up 'til the wee hours of the mornin' and sleep half the day away..guess that's normal for a young woman in today's society - nothin' I'm used to, though.
She's had her struggles, which reflect on me, as well. She's a Type A with a fear of failure, so anxieties can be a kicker - but, she's the determination to make things happen. I leave her in the Lord's hands and do the best I can. She is and will continue to do great things for her life.
My youngest is like a li'l vampire, known by Draco, 'cause he is the spittin' image of the Harry Potter character, seriously. He also somehow has the attitude that comes along with that nickname. He's so quiet, my li'l spy. He gets into everything and knows everything while you suspect nothin'. A li'l trouble maker he is, as innocent as he looks, and boy, can he charm!
I could only get him outside. He'd rather stay in and love his sweet treats. But, his bro was able to throw a football 'round with him yesterday eve, so it's a start. 
Anyways, that's a tidbit 'bout my younginz, so you can see how the diversity in character can cause some strain as we go through this week all at once with each other gratin' nerves and bein' fussy., or it's overwhelmin' with overstimulation. From a simple walk to the mailbox or bicker over who's gonna feed the animals, of which we have 7, to who gets how much on their plate for dinner...just the constant barrage of li'l things happenin' that have this usually peppy mother 'bout to pop - break.
Nothin' stops, I'm aware to keep pushin' through all the melodrama amongst the that and this that's gotta get done in the midst of everyone's interspersed personal space bubbles. 
To make things a li'l trickier is that we'll not even have the rare visit with the most important man in our life, as he's been deployed indefinitely, for now. Oh, how I wish this world could save itself. I hope y'all never have any hint of an idea 'bout this aspect of life that wreaks havoc in so many ways.

It seems no matter how I've tried to be thankful and appreciative for God workin' somehow through all of this beautiful mess, I can't bend any more before this Spring Break breaks me. 
Oh, how I can't wait for Monday. These kids need the kind of structure of school and to socialize with their friends they've made in classes, to be active and unglued from the tech they've used as a comfort to appease their buddin' minds. I'm glad for the cakes my munchkin makes, the help 'round the house (however grumbly li'l man is 'bout it), the talks that help me delve into my girl's precious heart.

We're limited in this life of ours, and it upsets me that we can never really have a break from what tries to break us. We're limited to how we must live in this place we're havin' to  stay that's been given to us, which is a blessin' at the same time. We're not given all that is deserved for our sacrifices. We don't have the latest and greatest, or "toys". We live simply and humbly. The best thing we have is love, in spite of. 

It's how we end this "break" that matters - and it'll be when we have a free day to rest and relax with one another while we do all those things as a mother and children that we delight in together. Now, I can't wait for Sunday. All this runnin' 'round like a hen and chicks will simmer down and we'll be filled up on a sermon that refreshes our spirits and left to spend the day enjoyin' ourselves, gettin' ready for the "breaks" this Spring will plant for us to reap.

Oh, where's the sunny summer already?

This is a boppy song we're lovin' this week.

P.S. - Thank you, Phillipines, for readin'!

Copyright April 5th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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