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Friday, April 19, 2019

God Never Cancels

He may change things up or stir things 'round, but He never cancels or calls out on us. He's always here, if we're open for Him to be.
If you're wonderin' where this is comin' from, I've just hit my limit with the goings on as of late that it seems everything arranged has come down to cancellations, especially with whacky reschedules unasked for or goin' without the least notice of events otherwise bein' changed. A couple of times I've shown up for no reason at all, but I was never notified not to.

At other times, I'll wait for a long time without any word whether I'll still be seen at all, only to begin walkin' out and get called back for a measly amount of time that made me wonder why I went in the 1st place. Then, the other blocks to hope to take are so "booked" they either can't follow-up or the need is further put off 'til it prolly will have taken care of itself. Oh yeah, then there's those who take into their power to reschedule me without my 2 cents, so I end up missin' what I didn't even know I had.

Needless to say that my young adult daughter and I work together on a shared calendar to have a clue what each of us has goin' on whenever in order to either be there with each other or know how to help each other out in gettin' everything handled. It's been an annoyin' few weeks among the calendar.
It just brought to mind, though, that God will never cancel on us, for He's always available.

Now, I'm one to believe that all things happen for a reason and that God is The One in control of our lives, so I could see how many of you'd wonder if He's not behind those things that don't seem to go the way we'd planned, but that's not what I mean.

In those instances, there may be a fate He's savin' us from or someone He'd have us run into, etc. What I mean, though, is that He's always present through our days, however hassled they can be, even when we wonder throughout those hectic moments when He'll show up.
When nothing's workin' out and we're beyond bein' beside ourself, we can place a call to Him instantly and speak our need or our concerns of doubt and He'll listen without judgement or a sorry-not-sorry-too-bad-o-so-sad carelessness.
He may redirect us and steer us in way we'd not thought possible to be, but He'll always lead us to what's best for us in certain times.

He's never not there. He never says never mind 'bout that it's not His issue, or you'll have to wait, or now's not a good time but to call back later. We may get frustrated tryin' to discern what He's doin', we may wanna hang up our hat and call it done 'cause we're over it already, but He will never cancel our appointment or subscription or tell us there's no point in continuin', that we must stop and figure it out for another time, or nevermind that we've put in the work for this and gotten none of that or vice versa and we don't deserve an explanation but still must respond.
He doesn't delay havin' to deal with us or make excuses for the things that go wrong we can't control, which let us down. And He never has to cover His bum 'cause He never does anythin' dishonest that puts us in loophole. We won't take the fall, at least without Him catchin' us or guidin' us into a better place for our needs.
No, if we're open to hearin' from Him and listenin' to His guidance for the plans over our lives, He'll schedule everything for us at just the right times, maybe makin' some adjustments along the way, but never just not be here to let us linger tryin' to decide which way we go from what's got us thrown off course into the nothin' we thought would be so beneficial, or we'd not have bothered steppin' up.
He may shift things, but He never just wipes His hands and says He's done, that we're on our own. His job over His creation, our precious selves, is NEVER done and He will not leave us forsaken as we try to get through this hectic life without an instruction manual.
He doesn't give up on us. He doesn't sit high and mighty on His throne lookin' down at us like we're stupid and waitin' for the right words to say..He's patient, givin' us time to lay it all out in the right way. He doesn't just place us on hold to sit in silence or listen to some heck of a mess of static music that grates our ears as well as our thought processes.
He will always answer to connect with us. He will always remind us of our place in this world. He'll never be too busy. He'll never leave us in the lurch, misunderstood. He'll never make us feel the reason for mistakes.
He'll always help us get back on track to push forward with our destiny. He'll always show us a vulnerability is okay in feelin' thankful to be dealt with so patiently. While there's never an endin' to the conversation, a momentary pause between the beginnin' and end will be given for us to enjoy his sweet melodious song through our patience 'til we need Him again.
When we need Him there's always an answer, an appointment in time He'll give us, and the help we require.
But, He will NEVER cancel on us. Most of the time, if we're listenin' for the phone to ring, He'll call us when we don't even expect it.
Our livelihood matters to Him and He Who sees all our days will keep everythin' surrounded us in His order. He's filled in OUR story in the Book of Life that He holds in His hands. Not 1 hasty mark or scratch through will be made in's His PERFECT plan for our lives that He will never CANCEL. We won't EVER be crossed out. Think of your name highlighted and circled with stars and hearts all 'round it, instead. WE matter to The One Who chose to put us in His datebook, permanently, in blood.

This song is one of my favourites to sing along to while it reminds me that I'm never alone. Even when I think He's not been there for me, He still has met me where I am when He knows my need.

P.S. - thank you my readers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Singapore and Slovakia! Blessings to y'all!

Copyright April 19th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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