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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Beloved Alexzandera

Yesterday, my children and I had to do a very hard thing while going through the motions of allowin' our beloved calico, Alexzandera, to slip into Heaven. And, I do believe she'll be joinin' the lions and lambs there. I believe God's presence was with us all, and we were comforted durin' such a difficult time.

I remember findin' her stuck with hips and shoulders between a small cage left in the woods outside my best-friend Alexis and her son Zander's new apartment that I was helpin' them move into. Her squawky mewin', which she has always had. She was a prissy and let all the other animals we've had know she's the queen. She never backed down from the playful intimidation by our herdin' dog, either.

The day she was to be "fixed" I received a call mid-surgery that they found her to have fatty liver disease. Since then, she developed asthma and arthritis severe enough to effect even her rib cage bones. For her feisty li'l self, an awesome 8.5 years she's had. Oh, how spoiled she was. Her demise seemed rather slow in comin' since for several months she's lingered under liver failure, but since my husband's departure(her best-friend)she'd dwindled to an extreme case since the depressive stress got to her. There was a drastic change that was very traumatic for me and my youngest to witness, and the other night we were put in the position of decidin' that what's best was to end her sufferin'. I can't place into words or any explanation the process of this and how it's marked each of our lives. She was such a good girl..precious.

I believe that God will allow us to be with our animals again. He created them before ourselves. We quickly became companions, and just like our family and friends who've gone through life with us, I'm sure there's a place in Heaven where they'll stride along side of us in better spirit. I believe she's been commended into God's hands.

I'm so glad that I DID get to hold you, but I miss you so.

Copyright April 7th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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