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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Frustrated by the Devil

       Well y'all, it's been another length of time, more than I'd like, since I've been able to try and post a li'l somethin'. I tell ya what, though, I'm anxious over the goings on that've been impactin' my life, recently comin' to a head, just as the serpent's I'd like to crush beneath my feet.

       The devil's been on the prowl, that's for sure.
       Oh, the messes he's tryin' to make. He's tryin' to rob from whom I first learned the true meanin' of love by.
       He's tryin' to destroy our connection by renderin' their spirit helpless and fillin' with despair the miracle who brought me to life again at a time he also tried to break me. He's tryin' to crush the soul of my first precious love and linger in the mist of misery he's creatin' as he waits for just the right moment to kill.
       I pray and pray as I am caught up in this whirlwind of uncertainty that tries to instill the deepest darkest fears over my mind involvin' my beloved.
       My anxious heart's worn and wrecked. I beg God throughout this time to bless me with the abilities to withstand such traumatic trial by their side as they fight the unseen.
       As I ask for the anointin', the storm tries to rage stronger. I call upon angels to work in the midst with God's glory. I try my best to will my beloved to grasp the shield and pick up the sword with the power of He who lies within.
       There's such a battle I'm fightin' just to get them to not give in, to not allow another thing to cloud their vision. Like Simon of Cyrene takin' up the cross of Jesus, I am given the strength to help lift up my beloved. I know there may be fire by night, but I'm not gonna stop wagin' war 'cause my God reigns and He's already won the battle, so I won't permit them to be defeated and will lay claim to victory, instead.

       Our God reigns and He will do it, again. In the end, I will dance with joy in thanksgivin' for all He's done. I know He will do His will here.
I know He will do the same for y'all, as well. Blessings over your life today. And, thank you for your prayers, also.

This song is in my heart today, and this girl will not stop dancin'.

P.S. - thank you, Norway and The Netherlands, for havin' a read.

Copyright March 27th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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