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Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Will to Look Up

For sooo long now I've felt abandoned waaay low in a valley, as if I was just wistfully snatched up and plopped there to stand bewildered and wonderin' what to do with my life.

I've watched how this has had effect on those surroundin' me. I've longed to be anythin' but...then, I remember "But, God...". He has placed me here. He's got the plan. Only He knows they why's and who's and where's and when's to all my "What if"s. I've gotta stay where I am 'til He leads me out and through and over, or even lower.

His purpose for me is uncertain in my mind, but I feel if I keep my eyes on Him that, no matter how broken I am, He'll chase my feelings of despair and doubt away.
When I struggle and fall down, He promises to pick me back up and lift my head. When I feel I can't continue my journey, He leads me into a stillness and allows me to find rest. He can calm my fears and promises to never leave me.

In knowin' that He's sooo much bigger than me, I can be reminded that in everything I see, I'm lookin' up to see Him. I'll choose to find Him in the smallest ways when I'm broken. I'll remember all that He's done for me to open my eyes and just be.

I'll relish in His love for me, humbly...down in this valley.

This song reflects just that.

P.S. - Hello to my Brazilian reader!

Copyright March 7th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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