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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Frustrated by the Devil

       Well y'all, it's been another length of time, more than I'd like, since I've been able to try and post a li'l somethin'. I tell ya what, though, I'm anxious over the goings on that've been impactin' my life, recently comin' to a head, just as the serpent's I'd like to crush beneath my feet.

       The devil's been on the prowl, that's for sure.
       Oh, the messes he's tryin' to make. He's tryin' to rob from whom I first learned the true meanin' of love by.
       He's tryin' to destroy our connection by renderin' their spirit helpless and fillin' with despair the miracle who brought me to life again at a time he also tried to break me. He's tryin' to crush the soul of my first precious love and linger in the mist of misery he's creatin' as he waits for just the right moment to kill.
       I pray and pray as I am caught up in this whirlwind of uncertainty that tries to instill the deepest darkest fears over my mind involvin' my beloved.
       My anxious heart's worn and wrecked. I beg God throughout this time to bless me with the abilities to withstand such traumatic trial by their side as they fight the unseen.
       As I ask for the anointin', the storm tries to rage stronger. I call upon angels to work in the midst with God's glory. I try my best to will my beloved to grasp the shield and pick up the sword with the power of He who lies within.
       There's such a battle I'm fightin' just to get them to not give in, to not allow another thing to cloud their vision. Like Simon of Cyrene takin' up the cross of Jesus, I am given the strength to help lift up my beloved. I know there may be fire by night, but I'm not gonna stop wagin' war 'cause my God reigns and He's already won the battle, so I won't permit them to be defeated and will lay claim to victory, instead.

       Our God reigns and He will do it, again. In the end, I will dance with joy in thanksgivin' for all He's done. I know He will do His will here.
I know He will do the same for y'all, as well. Blessings over your life today. And, thank you for your prayers, also.

This song is in my heart today, and this girl will not stop dancin'.

P.S. - thank you, Norway and The Netherlands, for havin' a read.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Just to be Noticed

So, twice now, I've witnessed and even had interaction with those who'll do anything to get the clout for their "good works", but they'll take over and run while others are tryin' to put forth the effort in good conscience, makin' them feel unneeded. To be made to feel that you don't matter and you're not good enough, when all you're strivin' to give of yourself is your best. It's really gettin' to me. In the 1st incident, it was put forth that there was no-one to help transfer certain expensive items from one place to another and back again. This would be of benefit to our children. Upon findin' out that there's no response from others, bein' uncertain that I could put myself out there, I did so anyway...I was gonna come out of my shy self, not to gain recognition, but to do for others in the time of need. So, along with my son, we prepare for doin' so and arrive to get to work when, out of nowhere, these gruff guys decide they're gonna take over, very haughtily. It's what they were doin' and how they were doin' so that got under my skin, though. It's like they couldn't be shown up, let alone by a female. It's like they're just there to have that "I'm the coolest, most reliable parent in the world, and y'all others just, sit down, I'm gonna be noticed for what I'm doin' for my kid." attitude. It ain't worth puttin' up a fuss, either. A similar thing happened last night, except for when all us others were asked, we left them to do what they always try to do, while they complained and showed their true nature of not really carin' to 'cause they wanted to, instead. I don't understand this. Why can't someone just BE out of the kindess of their heart and NOT put on a show. I mean, what reward are you hopin' for, and why must that be what it comes down to? Why put others down in the process of attainin' status? I'm reminded that this is the way it is all over the world since the beginnin' of time, though. I see how this takes its toll throughout our lives as we grow through school, our occupations, and most especially when we're involved with a church. That's the least likely place one would expect to find it, but Heaven forbid if we don't do this and such duty to get through those pearly gates. Really. I can tell ya, it doesn't matter what you do, if it ain't 'cause your heart desires to serve others in the light of God, you'll go nowhere fast. I just don't see what the big deal is, but I'm tired of havin' my feelings hurt by those who think they're so top notch and "holier than thou". There's no need. And, I'm thankful that God's allowed me to see not to become upset and to realize that my heart's in the right place. He's so good to me when I feel so bad. And, that's what really matters.

Well, here's some good news.......

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Will to Look Up

For sooo long now I've felt abandoned waaay low in a valley, as if I was just wistfully snatched up and plopped there to stand bewildered and wonderin' what to do with my life.

I've watched how this has had effect on those surroundin' me. I've longed to be anythin' but...then, I remember "But, God...". He has placed me here. He's got the plan. Only He knows they why's and who's and where's and when's to all my "What if"s. I've gotta stay where I am 'til He leads me out and through and over, or even lower.

His purpose for me is uncertain in my mind, but I feel if I keep my eyes on Him that, no matter how broken I am, He'll chase my feelings of despair and doubt away.
When I struggle and fall down, He promises to pick me back up and lift my head. When I feel I can't continue my journey, He leads me into a stillness and allows me to find rest. He can calm my fears and promises to never leave me.

In knowin' that He's sooo much bigger than me, I can be reminded that in everything I see, I'm lookin' up to see Him. I'll choose to find Him in the smallest ways when I'm broken. I'll remember all that He's done for me to open my eyes and just be.

I'll relish in His love for me, humbly...down in this valley.

This song reflects just that.

P.S. - Hello to my Brazilian reader!

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