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Monday, February 25, 2019

Unbelievable Grace

I'm amazed by God's grace for me.

He's picked me up everytime this chaotic life's knocked me down.
And, He's surprised me with a strength within myself to carry on when I feel like givin' in.

He's been the lifter of my head when I've been low, in my shame. He's covered me in shelter when I've sought rest from the torment of this world against me.

It's just amazin' how I've been known to Him and He's allowed me to know Him.

It's unbelievable to realize what He's gone through for me to be here.

I'm so thankful He's bore my brokenness, so that I may find restoration through His healin' power.

While I don't understand how He's chosen me, He just did. As great as He is, it's just that simple. There's no explainin' or rationalizin' God's ways, they just are.

Only He knows the plan He's designed for our lives. I'm learnin' not to question this, especially when I'm between a rock and a hard place. It's not easy, but I feel Him ever so gently remove me from those predicaments, teachin' me a lesson each and every time.
He's a glorious God, a graceful God. He's given us His all. It's in Him we belong.

He grants us gain over our losses, by His cross removin' our burdens.

In Him, our lives are priceless. All we need to mutter is His Holy name.

We must keep praise within our hearts for all that He has done, is doin' and will do.

For me to be chosen, I'm so humble. He owes us nothin', but He took everythin'..and, still lives. What a miraculous God.
I'm so thankful.

Please rest in knowin' you're worthy of His greatest love.

Copyright February 25th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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