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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Devotional Gleanings 1.5

Bein' victorious is the theme here.
When we're relyin' on God in deep dependence, we can live a life of victory. It's not 'bout how literally successful we are, though. Even the victorious stumble, fall and make mistakes. When we rely on our own strength to garner such success, we go away from Him and forget His place in our life and its leadin' to our current stability.
The feelin' of failure due to our problems should cause a neediness within that would let us learn to seek Him through our times of weakness. We can't rely solely on ourselves. We can't just think He'll allow us to do only what we want to do, with the hopes of His blessin'. We have to come to Him openly with good heart and ask Him to fill us with His desires for our life.
Sometimes we'll have dreams far beyond what one could think to imagine that seem impossible, but nothin' is with our God. We must rely on Him to be successful by those goals. We must walk in faith, not by sight.
We're to be like a child, learnin' step after step for as long as we need 'til He helps us stand after we've muddled through a path of failures. Through this, we grow.
And, it won't stop there, for He'll give us heavier a load and more lengthy a road. All this, to only provoke more of a dependency upon Him.
And, He'll bless us. When we cry out, He'll hear us. He'll relieve us from our trials. He's known our broken hearts. He'll uplift our down trodden spirits.
We must walk by faith to be victorious.

Copyright January 6th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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