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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Devotional Gleanings 1.3

I long to feel at peace in His be refreshed. I feel I've been lackin' in this the whole of my life due to all my circumstances. Boy, have there been some, continuously negative it seems. I've only wished to hide from the life I think keeps throwin' them at me to dodge. I can't seem to go through anything in my day to day life without feelin' the negative effects of reminders towards my bad sense of self while the duties I must perform become so mundane and tiresome. This world's go it out for me, true. 

But, God's with me. Not only with me, but within me. He's my best friend and much more devoted to me than I am He. Oh, I try, but always fail. That "F" could be stamped to my forehead, but I see it there everyday when I look in the mirror. Oh, geesh, my faults.
Where's the lightness of love I should be feelin' under a God all powerful?

My steps trudge, they don't hop and skip to the beat of melodic enjoyment. Nope, they shlop through the mire holdin' me down, the reeds holdin' me back from reachin' that serene shore where I could bask in the radiance and warmth of love I so desperately long for. I'm so weighed down with problematic issues that I feel will forever be unresolved heap of mess I'm stuck on tryin' to figure out.

But, God's the bearer of our burdens, right? Why don't we come to Him with our trials of distress? Sure, we say we'll pray 'bout it and give it to our God, but then, why do we chew on it 'til it gives us that foul taste of fear? This world is destroyin' us.

Only God can raise us up, for He's conquered the world and it's power will not consume us as long as we rely on Him. In Him we shall have a comfortin' place in peace. His goodness is great. He will hide us from the bad and keep us a secret from harm. He is our confidence. If we have courage and are confident, our world will be deprived of the hateful power that will never conquer us.

In that, I find a formidable love to cling to.

Copyright January 6th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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