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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Devotional Gleanings 1.2

There are often times that I seem to be unable to relax or allow tensions to ease so that I'm less anxious. In those times when there's no enjoyable activity to turn to as a distraction, my emotions have me on edge and my mind is racin' while my body's tired, yet rigid.

There are rules and restrictions that I'm supposed to adhere to in regard to behavior that, every now and again, I excuse myself from and overstep to a darker side. I'm repeatedly told this is human nature and that I'm only human, but I never forgive myself 'cause the pain from my actions is unforgettable, to me. It's explained to me each time that I've still not behaved as badly as I could, but there's no excuse to me. Somehow, though, in my hours of darkness a love is shown to me that reminds me of God's grace..His good unrelentin' care and how it's cleansed me from my wrongdoing, again. There's no love like that of my God. His power and might are strong, yes, but His selfless unabated love soothes my soul.

At times, this is shown to me in our quiet place where and when I'm alone..but, He's also blessed me with the truest love that's overcome any obstacles. In Him, He's shown through my husband. I'm so very thankful and will never question how or why He's brought us together, for there's just a balance..perfect, however, imperfect. I'll never understand such a love that's still so redeemin', forgivin'. It's healin' to my scarred life. He's also allowed me to be such to my husband through the worst of his moments throughout this harsh life he's wandered. I know God's this for us all. Don't lose heart or hope if you feel alone, for He's your confidante.

That's just it, too. We all wander, mostly traversin' our cold universe alone with measly portions and stripped bare by what will never even become our end. But, in Him we aren't naked. He reveals Himself in ways we'd never think tangible in order to keep us fed, provide us shelter, and be carried through. Our journey will never end, for there will be many chapters to trudge through in this lengthy biography of our lives. I do not believe He'll have us go through these things alone, for He is with us and will be our friend 'til the end.

I understand there are many losses that come to our lives but, please, don't lose hope. Give over to His healin'. Come into His presence and spend time with Him. He knows our thoughts. He's had them, too. He's walked this earth and begged not to be relinquished to such sufferin', but He's bore our cross.

Nothin' is impossible with Him. He can ease our minds and settle the anxieties while we go hastily into today's tasks. His plans may be different from ours, and when we stumble or get ahead of ourselves He'll be here to fix us after we've lost our dust us off again and pat our bum onto the next venture. When we're strugglin', we're to be mindful enough to bring our focus back to Him into His way of viewin' the situation. He can bring 'bout a change in circumstance.

Remember, He's light. Soak it up! Don't drop your gaze from your prize, for you will be rewarded. He's given us all that we need in any time we must face to get through without hesitation. When we sacrifice our time in order to stay mindful of Him, He will strengthen us. Please, give of yourself to receive an immersion of love so grand it'll leave one in awe of His works.

Sometimes we must choose not to give in to all that beckons us, but take our time in order for Him to help guide us through each calmly. Remember that when he visited Martha and Mary and Martha was frustrated that Mary was spendin' time with the Lord instead of cleanin' and preparin' for Him..He spoke to her 'bout lettin' go of what didn't matter at the time, 'cause His time was more valuable.(Luke 10:39-42) I ain't sayin' to live in a rat's nest 'cause cleanliness is Godliness, but to be obsessive-compulsive isn't what's necessary when all he asks is but a li'l bit of our time.

This is testament that when we seek His face, we receive His strength. That bein' said, His love will cover all those ways we so hastily go 'bout life with all our frantic worries and uncontrolled spats that in the end hurt others and always ourselves. We're not to do such, but be thoughtful and always kind with our words.
I guess that's it for this gleanin'. Just my thoughts.

Copyright January 6th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

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