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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Truly, Only God Knows

"But, if anyone loves God, he is known by Him." 1 Corinthians 8:3

In the midst of a very tryin' weekend that had my nerves on edge with anxiety, I turned on my cell's blue tooth to listen to Pandora while I rode as a passenger in my daughter's car. The station I chose was Contemporary Christian, hopin' I'd hear somethin' at some point that'd be upliftin' to my restless spirit. Immediately, a song came on that I'd not heard before. It's by one of my favourite artist duos, for KING & COUNTRY. I'll place the link below in my endin' text, as usual. The title of this song is "God Only Knows". It's relevance to me at the time was uncanny. As I rode in the back, I literally felt that's been my place in life.

After all the bickerin' I'd been caught up in, I thought that my point and my feelings or thoughts hadn't been, nor ever are,, I'm just plain unseen. Maybe you can relate. It's like, no matter what's said or done by you for the benefit of others, somehow you've been left feelin' that your opinions or advice doesn't matter. Not only that, but you've also been put in a predicament that seems to slam your heart to the ground only to be trampled all over by a herd of elephants.

Now, never would you wish that any or the worst of anything you go through would strike anyone else, but in a way you do wish for an understandin' of someone to have empathy for that which is afflictin' you in such instances.

I felt exactly like this. It's as if no-one has a clue what their actions cause for someone else, and I just want some comprehension and acknowledgment of the repercussions..but, nope, it ain't comin'. 

Moments before I thought to play my music, I shut my eyes and took a deep, long breath as I tried to remain centered, and God reminded me that it's okay if no-one gets me, for He knows me, and that's His intention with us. It's ironic that after that communion I shared with him mindfully such a song would come on.

When I was beyond done with dealing with such negativity, He let His presence be known and calmed my senses. He knew the message I need to receive, the feelings I needed to dissolve, the troubled thoughts He needed to quell. He met me. He knew ME.

I can't help but to find Joy in that fact. Those moments where I feel that 'cause of it all rainin' down on me with things I don't wanna bear any longer, He turns such thoughts into an element of release instead. Even with the tiniest hope for Him that I have left, He's there to turn my outlook all 'round.

He can be so for you, too. I dunno where you are with your life, what your feelin', what's tryin' to drag ya down, but your purpose in this world isn't complete, or He'd have allowed you to come to an end. If He hasn't, your mission, though you not know such a mystery, isn't done. The bridge that you keep comin' to? There's a reason you've been unable to jump. No matter how big or small the situational circumstances you face, He knows your path, why it's the way it is, and has a plan.

Please, let God know YOU. Click here if you'd like to listen to the song I'm sharin' with you.

"I am the Good Shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me." John 10:4

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Another Note & Thanks

So, once again, it's been a bit since I've sat down to post. I've noticed today that the ads have been placed in the middle of the writin' of my posts, instead of at the top or sides or bottom, or even in between. I've been workin' on changin' this, but it's not lettin' me. I'm sorry if this is bothersome to y'all.
On another note, I'm hopin' y'all have been well and that your week's have started out aight.

I'm pleased to welcome my Turkmenistan reader. Thank you!

Y'all have a blessed day or night, wherever you are, whenever. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Another Thanks

Hey, y'all!
I'm so thankful to share with you the wonderful news that I AM cancer FREE!
I can't help but to smile at the wonder of God over my life. He amazes me and He's brought me new JOY for livin'.

I hope you're able to see His awesomeness and smile at life in this moment. I'm sharin' this song with you to bring an upbeat to your mood.

P.S. - Hello, Hong Kong! So great to share this news with you now, too.

P.S.S. - I've also gone back through my posts and added images to go with my thoughtful expressions.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hoping They're No Bother

Hey, y'all!

So, I'm now able to showcase ads on my blog. 
However, right now I'm unable to choose which ads pop up, but I will be soon. 
If there's any issues with the ads shown, please contact me and I can make reference to block them when I'm able.
I hope this isn't bothersome to anyone, but this'll hopefully be a slight way for me to be of contribution to my household.
Once again, thanks so much for bein' my readers.


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Devotional Gleanings 1.6

Have y'all ever tried to wrap your mind 'round the great vastness of God? He's so much bigger than we could ever think to try to imagine, greater than all we could ever grasp. As small as we are, He wants us to come to Him with our measly requests so He can do what He will with our expectations. There are limits down here in our world, but He holds the Heavens and can accomplish any and all. 
But, it's hard for us to allow Him the control. Our minds run wild and we let loose without givin' into Him in order to act with His spirit. I
t's sad when we don't allow Him to come into not just our hearts, but give way to our minds for His presence to flow thoughtfully rather than rascally. Our thoughts often lean toward the negative when we could be allowin' Him to encourage the best for our lives, and yet we discourage Him by the emptiness of our prayers. We wonder why there're so many unanswered.
I can say that I'm disappointed at how I've strayed away, often, from his trainin' and haven't allowed Him to teach me to trust Him in my darkness. So, I get stuck in dire situations. I let the problems overcome me which cause me to worry. I often fail to realize He's settin' things into place in order that I may feel him gloriously take reign of my battles and lead me in His guarded direction.
I've gotta stay vigilant to His leadin' of my life and allow Him to guide me, through His power. I've gotta let Him work in me. I mustn't let my mind lead me to death, but give way to His control and feel the relief of His spirit of peace. 

Copyright January 6th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

Devotional Gleanings 1.5

Bein' victorious is the theme here.
When we're relyin' on God in deep dependence, we can live a life of victory. It's not 'bout how literally successful we are, though. Even the victorious stumble, fall and make mistakes. When we rely on our own strength to garner such success, we go away from Him and forget His place in our life and its leadin' to our current stability.
The feelin' of failure due to our problems should cause a neediness within that would let us learn to seek Him through our times of weakness. We can't rely solely on ourselves. We can't just think He'll allow us to do only what we want to do, with the hopes of His blessin'. We have to come to Him openly with good heart and ask Him to fill us with His desires for our life.
Sometimes we'll have dreams far beyond what one could think to imagine that seem impossible, but nothin' is with our God. We must rely on Him to be successful by those goals. We must walk in faith, not by sight.
We're to be like a child, learnin' step after step for as long as we need 'til He helps us stand after we've muddled through a path of failures. Through this, we grow.
And, it won't stop there, for He'll give us heavier a load and more lengthy a road. All this, to only provoke more of a dependency upon Him.
And, He'll bless us. When we cry out, He'll hear us. He'll relieve us from our trials. He's known our broken hearts. He'll uplift our down trodden spirits.
We must walk by faith to be victorious.

Copyright January 6th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

Devotional Gleanings 1.4

Well, today's topic was 'bout habits. The sole habit of TRUST was discussed. So, we're to learn to try and say that we trust matter what happens to us.

In whatever time there is for us to think openly, it's to dwell 'bout all He is, His power and His glory. If we ponder this depth and breadth of His love for us it will help us see that in every situation, He has control. This vast universe, He created. When we see things from His perspective, fear loses its grip on us. God is our light, where we should be present.

However, through these negative circumstances, we do grow. We should be grateful for the blessings we realize as they flow from Him. Our relationship will be close. He sees us in our hour of need, and we feel His power. We're rewarded as He gathers us into His heart. As parents, He'll gently lead us.

There's nowhere we can go that He isn't. He's in the Heavens, yes..but, He'll lay with us in our deep sorrows. He'll allow us to rise with the dawn and He'll be on the far side of the sea(for all my international readers, He's with us all). He will guide us and hold us.

Enjoy the greatness of our God!

Copyright January 6th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

Devotional Gleanings 1.3

I long to feel at peace in His be refreshed. I feel I've been lackin' in this the whole of my life due to all my circumstances. Boy, have there been some, continuously negative it seems. I've only wished to hide from the life I think keeps throwin' them at me to dodge. I can't seem to go through anything in my day to day life without feelin' the negative effects of reminders towards my bad sense of self while the duties I must perform become so mundane and tiresome. This world's go it out for me, true. 

But, God's with me. Not only with me, but within me. He's my best friend and much more devoted to me than I am He. Oh, I try, but always fail. That "F" could be stamped to my forehead, but I see it there everyday when I look in the mirror. Oh, geesh, my faults.
Where's the lightness of love I should be feelin' under a God all powerful?

My steps trudge, they don't hop and skip to the beat of melodic enjoyment. Nope, they shlop through the mire holdin' me down, the reeds holdin' me back from reachin' that serene shore where I could bask in the radiance and warmth of love I so desperately long for. I'm so weighed down with problematic issues that I feel will forever be unresolved heap of mess I'm stuck on tryin' to figure out.

But, God's the bearer of our burdens, right? Why don't we come to Him with our trials of distress? Sure, we say we'll pray 'bout it and give it to our God, but then, why do we chew on it 'til it gives us that foul taste of fear? This world is destroyin' us.

Only God can raise us up, for He's conquered the world and it's power will not consume us as long as we rely on Him. In Him we shall have a comfortin' place in peace. His goodness is great. He will hide us from the bad and keep us a secret from harm. He is our confidence. If we have courage and are confident, our world will be deprived of the hateful power that will never conquer us.

In that, I find a formidable love to cling to.

Copyright January 6th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

Devotional Gleanings 1.2

There are often times that I seem to be unable to relax or allow tensions to ease so that I'm less anxious. In those times when there's no enjoyable activity to turn to as a distraction, my emotions have me on edge and my mind is racin' while my body's tired, yet rigid.

There are rules and restrictions that I'm supposed to adhere to in regard to behavior that, every now and again, I excuse myself from and overstep to a darker side. I'm repeatedly told this is human nature and that I'm only human, but I never forgive myself 'cause the pain from my actions is unforgettable, to me. It's explained to me each time that I've still not behaved as badly as I could, but there's no excuse to me. Somehow, though, in my hours of darkness a love is shown to me that reminds me of God's grace..His good unrelentin' care and how it's cleansed me from my wrongdoing, again. There's no love like that of my God. His power and might are strong, yes, but His selfless unabated love soothes my soul.

At times, this is shown to me in our quiet place where and when I'm alone..but, He's also blessed me with the truest love that's overcome any obstacles. In Him, He's shown through my husband. I'm so very thankful and will never question how or why He's brought us together, for there's just a balance..perfect, however, imperfect. I'll never understand such a love that's still so redeemin', forgivin'. It's healin' to my scarred life. He's also allowed me to be such to my husband through the worst of his moments throughout this harsh life he's wandered. I know God's this for us all. Don't lose heart or hope if you feel alone, for He's your confidante.

That's just it, too. We all wander, mostly traversin' our cold universe alone with measly portions and stripped bare by what will never even become our end. But, in Him we aren't naked. He reveals Himself in ways we'd never think tangible in order to keep us fed, provide us shelter, and be carried through. Our journey will never end, for there will be many chapters to trudge through in this lengthy biography of our lives. I do not believe He'll have us go through these things alone, for He is with us and will be our friend 'til the end.

I understand there are many losses that come to our lives but, please, don't lose hope. Give over to His healin'. Come into His presence and spend time with Him. He knows our thoughts. He's had them, too. He's walked this earth and begged not to be relinquished to such sufferin', but He's bore our cross.

Nothin' is impossible with Him. He can ease our minds and settle the anxieties while we go hastily into today's tasks. His plans may be different from ours, and when we stumble or get ahead of ourselves He'll be here to fix us after we've lost our dust us off again and pat our bum onto the next venture. When we're strugglin', we're to be mindful enough to bring our focus back to Him into His way of viewin' the situation. He can bring 'bout a change in circumstance.

Remember, He's light. Soak it up! Don't drop your gaze from your prize, for you will be rewarded. He's given us all that we need in any time we must face to get through without hesitation. When we sacrifice our time in order to stay mindful of Him, He will strengthen us. Please, give of yourself to receive an immersion of love so grand it'll leave one in awe of His works.

Sometimes we must choose not to give in to all that beckons us, but take our time in order for Him to help guide us through each calmly. Remember that when he visited Martha and Mary and Martha was frustrated that Mary was spendin' time with the Lord instead of cleanin' and preparin' for Him..He spoke to her 'bout lettin' go of what didn't matter at the time, 'cause His time was more valuable.(Luke 10:39-42) I ain't sayin' to live in a rat's nest 'cause cleanliness is Godliness, but to be obsessive-compulsive isn't what's necessary when all he asks is but a li'l bit of our time.

This is testament that when we seek His face, we receive His strength. That bein' said, His love will cover all those ways we so hastily go 'bout life with all our frantic worries and uncontrolled spats that in the end hurt others and always ourselves. We're not to do such, but be thoughtful and always kind with our words.
I guess that's it for this gleanin'. Just my thoughts.

Copyright January 6th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

Friday, January 4, 2019

Devotional Gleanings 1

Why do we come to God with a stubborn mind, unwillin' to change? Why do we stray away from him, our old selves strugglin' through the wilderness and starvin' for newness? Why are we so closed off to walkin' the journey He'd have us go? We stay stuck in our rotten minds, hearts rottin' all the while. We're scattered in our thoughts and unfocused while He longs to have our attention. Our eyes are blind and we stumble. While He understands and knows us completely, we deny any knowledge of Him except that which is only beneficial to our human nature. We only allow Him to embrace us as long as we're on the pedestal. We search high and low for the everlastin' love only He can offer. Only He knows our plans and can prosper us, but we lean to this world to excel us in status for gain. We'll have no future without Him, for there's no hope aside from Him.
The adventure awaits us to come into His presence.
What will you choose to decide?

Copyright January 4th 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

The Awe of a New Year

I sit here in awe and amazement after gettin' through, once again, yet another surgery. My 33rd surgery.

It was supposed to be much more invasive than it'd turned out to be, and I'm so thankful it wasn't. While I recuperate I can't help but feel relief though I've pain, and internal healin' that must take place over time.

This, by far, became one of the simplest procedures I've ever undergone. I'm still on the edge while waitin' on diagnoses from biopsies that I pray have no sign of cancer. However, it's a burden lifted to hear the doctor's say that everything looked and went great. Things that were found to mend after 2 other exploratories are gone, disappeared. There'll be no major operations that must be decided ASAP by a whole team of surgeons. Of course, though, there's the issue that I still must fight the rest of my life through a journey uncertain, as there's known irreversible damage that will eventually, without a miracle from God, lead to the inevitable much more quickly than an expected lifespan witherin' away. But...
I'm appreciative to my gracious God who's caused me to reflect on just how new His mercies are every mornin'.

Before this nerve rackin' day, I'd opened my Bible to a passage in Isaiah that spoke exactly the words I needed to hear to ease my anxious mind. It brought me to tears to read 43:2.."When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned;the flames will not set you ablaze." I sat, cryin' and prayin' and feelin' the pressure to release myself into Almighty's plan for me, to not give into the negative idle thoughts plaguing my mind with "what if"s.

This was the first time I wasn't scared enough to have tears run down my cheeks as I lay there on that gurney. In fact, I was told that goodness worked through me for others that were 'round, since my spirit was so "pleasant" and my smile graced others hearts. I don't take any credit for the tone God set as the stage durin' such a time.

It's just been nice to finally let go and let God, truly. He's proven to me that what I've always wished to believe, I can. I now have a different attitude while in communion with Him. My prayers are different. The spiritual gifts that've blessed me are more in sync with my life.

I'd prayed that He shelter me under His wings and yet lemme soar like an eagle. As I was lyin' back lookin' out the window on the way home from the hospital, an eagle perched atop a pier post locked eyes with me 'til out of view. I felt His presence..that He saw me.

I thought of how I've lived my whole life thinkin' I'd know how He's usin' me, but realized He'll forever be callin' me to do for His glory, no matter. He's used my afflictions to pull me closer to Him. Through my infirmities His love surrounds me and gives me hope. There's a deeper understandin', a deeper relationship developin'. Only He can make me whole. Only His grace redeems my soul and revives my spirit. His mercies have and do make me new, every mornin'. My head's lifted under His strength. I've the reminders to live as He'll allow me to. He will fill me with strength as He heals my heart, my body. In Him I'm held above where this world would place me, for I'm different than my old self before I knew Him. His salvation cleanses me. I know I cannot fail in any way as long as I trust Him with my all. I mustn't any longer live in tragic fear.
This New Year has begun upon a foundation I pray doesn't crumble from the harsh realities I know will be thrown in amongst the struggles of ordinary everyday life. I'm clingin' to the verses in Lamentations 3:22-25.."Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, 'The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.' The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him."

I've a devotional known as Jesus Calling. So far, the main theme for January has been from the well known verse of Jeremiah 29:11.."For I know the plans I have for You", declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I dunno how y'all New Year holiday has begun you into the start of 2019, but I do hope it's well or will get better. I wish y'all a bountiful year with seasons of change, growth and the spirit and of the heart. I pray for y'all to keep the faith and persevere.

Copyright January 4th, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps