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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Significant Memories of Growth

       Hey, y'all! I'm back, again. I've been away from this a li'l bit 'cause I've been questionin' whether to even keep it goin', as I'm lost as to what to share  bein' that I've gotta be so careful, or exactly what y'all would like to hear 'bout - don't be nervous to speak up or speak your mind. I was searchin' for some topics to touch on when I ran across a suggestion to talk 'bout the most significant childhood school, here I go, for every year that I can try and remember.

Preschool: All I remember 'bout this, other than a few movie screen slides whizzin' by in my brain of random images, is that I seemed to wanna bypass the tike toys and trek my way up the big kid slide...the take away, go big or go home.

Kindergarten: Honestly, this is a complete blur. But, I do have a memory at this age of standin' on my Daddy's boots as I held onto his legs, wishin' I could see through eyes at his level.

1st Grade: So, this is weird considerin' today's society, but what comes to me is that I had a very confused thought when seein' my short haired female teacher with a refined 80's punk hairdo. Today I recollect she's of the likeness of Princess Di, but that was a first for me back then and where I grew up.

2nd Grade: The Challenger disaster...from then on, I was afraid of the unknown beyond our skies.

3rd Grade: I was introduced to my teacher's disabled daughter, which impacted me to reach out in lifelong service to others of our community.

4th Grade: How could I forget the teacher that thought she'd shake some sense into me?

5th Grade: Time for the coolest teacher award. So, I should've gotten in trouble for this, but apparently I was let off the hook as the class clown who caught the attention of everyone by hoppin' up onto my chair and desk, hikin' up my britches and pushin' up my huge mauve colored coke bottle glasses to do my best Steve Urkel impersonation sayin', "Got any cheeeeeeese?" and "Did I do that?" I've never lived this story down and my hub still tries to catch a glimpse of that silly girl - not today!

6th Grade: I'll always remember the 1st boy to ever tell me he loves me. RIP

7th Grade: I got my first taste of the racism surroundin' me when it literally hit me in the face. Walkin' the hall on the way from my locker to my next class while I was gabbin' to my friends, I hear a slur shouted my direction and as I turn toward the voice I see a blur of black congregants standin' aside a gal who's swingin'  a backpack into the side of my face. What do ya do but get caught up in a brawl at that point? They didn't expect that from meek li'l me, but I had respect from then on. Needless to say, it was a long day to the principal's office, a long week of school counselin', and a long wait for the school year to be done already.

8th Grade: The rigorous diagnostics to test the range of my voice, especially musically, after bein' referred to speech therapy for my unusually high pitched sing song tone. What an art teacher noticed revealed other giftings to pursue.

9th Grade: A true series of unfortunate events. A guy's interest grew into obsession which led to stalkin' that ended up in a fit of violence causin' me to suffer concussion, and what's thought to be nerve damage effectin' me to this day, stemmin' from his abuse.

10th Grade: I had the best group of friends that showed me their love by surprisin' me with a birthday party they put together for me durin' homeroom - complete with homemade banner, a birthday cake they pitched in to get me from the grocery down the road from school, and li'l trinkets from a store in the strip.

11th Grade: The chance to go an academy for the arts, science & technology where I would double major in  Health Medical Science & Theatrical Dance Art for 2 years...what a fun and excitin' time!

12th Grade: Standin' up for myself against a guy 3x my size that I wasn't gonna let put me out, as had happened before, and havin' the backin' of my parents, as it was in defense. No guy will ever call me a *!tch for denyin' his sexual advances.

       So, how have I grown out of these memories? 
I have a kindness for those around me. I'm curious 'bout my world. I've learned to express myself through creativity. I'm resilient and fight back against that which tries to knock me down. I am thoughtful towards others and have an empathy for others' feelings. I've always tried to see the positive in every situation and strived to be my best self for others to see. I like to be an encouragement to others. I live with passion. I've fought to resist negative pressure. I make an effort, no matter how tired I am. I take the time to peacefully solve problems. I listen to both my head and my heart. I don't live to be alone, and love interactin' with people. I isten to those which need me to lend an ear...not just flap my jowls with unsolicited advice. I make it a point to be a good friend by checkin' in on those I've met, to show that I care and will be here for them so they don't feel as alone as I have and/or do. 'Cause of how I love, it's hard for me, but I refrain from invadin' personal space and wait to know I'll be received...but, I love hugs! I like to bring comfort to others as best as I can. My first initial should stand for Communication. Have I said I like to help others yet? I embrace all types of people and show them the same LOVE and FORGIVENESS that God's shown me. Something that isn't a plus is that I ain't witty and am slow at catchin' onto a joke, as I take my time to be thoughtful and am quite literal. I express myself most through music and song. I have a very vivid imagination. I love to solve problems. It's funny, though, 'cause however bad I was at math, I am a numbers person. I like knowin' the ins and outs of how things work. I embody the extremes of prissy girly-girl and major tomboy. I will volunteer for what will help my fellow man, but most especially, animals.

       So, what 'bout y'all? What can you learn and share 'bout your personal growth from thinkin' fondly of a memory that comes to you from your grade school years? You'd be surprised the story you can make out for yourself based on your realizations. Have fun reminiscin'. I hope I've taken ya back a li'l bit to see how far you've come.

This song couldn't be more fittin', especially since it's sung by the Glee cast durin' their school days. Enjoy their rendition of a Beatle's classic.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

My Prayer for Today's Bible Verse

I pray for them. I pray that their eyes will be opened to see how they're responsive in a way they don't think is hurtful. I pray that their rash behavior is eased into a tranquil resolution. I pray that they've an understanding to be still, quiet and listen. I pray that their words and actions lean softly, more gentle. I pray that they begrudge not those they have judged negatively. I pray a positivity within their mind to be more thoughtful with empathy. I pray they speak with wisdom over matters of the heart. I pray they're able to seek forgiveness and grant it where it's due. I pray relationships with friends and family are mended. I pray for God's love to reign in their lives and reach out in search for peace. Lord, please guard our hearts when we feel we're under attack by those who have a mindset that they can't be teachable and would rather shoot daggers with their words. Let it not be maddening to our souls. Keep us stable with sound mind and allow us to react as Jesus would. May we be blessed as we deal with such surrounding us. Amen.
Let it be so.

P.S. - Hello to Lithuania!

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Friday, August 23, 2019

No Cause for Clashing Cultures

I'm sad today. I'm sad for the state of our world, our nations, our countries, our homelands. I can't help but feel a burden for us lately, when I realize the state we're in.
Sooo much hate.
There was a time when the first created branched out to sow their own roles in their world. However, soon they sought after others in destinations once unknown. Many assume this was just to conquer more that they desired. While it may be that chance encounters made way for terrible beginnings sometimes, I tend to think otherwise. I feel that those who sought out a new world for themselves were on an exploration fittin' for their adventurous natures...that they had all intentions, initially, expectin' to learn from whomever they'd encounter and develop a relationship as they'd try to understand the other's world...that they had a yearnin' for somethin' more to their life's story.
But, what happened? Why, since that time so very long ago, has everything changed with regard to a concern for the preservation of self and less caring to share?
I don't understand. Aside from the stereotypes that have culminated into today's society, we're all relatively the same. I know I may face backlash from some of you viewers, but this post is not a proclamation of where I stand with politics or practices. And, you'd be surprised. There are many aspects of society that I despise and I don't see eye to eye with many less traditional sides of the coin. While I agree I'm a product of all who've come before me that's helped shape who I am today, I can think for myself. The only thing I know is that if I believe in a God who's lovin' enough to lay down his life for me, I must be lovin' enough to care for the rest of y''s that simple.
That goes for any other belief systems, or paganism, for I truly believe that God has made Himself known to all those others in a way they'll comprehend. There's no room for hate.
There's no point in it suckin' the life outta ya. Please don't let your life be run into ruin by givin' in to such an atrocity that wastes valuable energy that could be spent in joy and happiness.
Love has got to rule, no exceptions.
Be adventurous, let your explorative nature seek out understandin'.
Have the willingness to want to be open and learn from all that surrounds you. Let it call you. Have the discernment to stay on the right track, though, followin' a more enlightened path.

As a product of my environment comin' from The South and bein' moved to a place I expected to be totally the opposite, I was surprised to come face to face with the prejudices now surroundin' me. I'm talkin' from every race, creed, color, sex, you name it.
It's hard not to get lost in what's in your face callin' your name, though, honestly. I just remember that no matter some of the feelings and thoughts that try to take over my soul, LOVE is the only answer.
There's always a lesson to be learned on both sides as long as love is present in the midst.
We can't give in to that which is evil and prompts us to lash out at those unlike us.
We have to realize we all have one Creator and He's shapin' us all into our very own masterpiece.
Stop worryin' 'bout everyone else, and let Him work. It isn't for us to dictate. We don't have final authority, in the end.

I must admit that it's hard for me to let love win, a lot, with the way others behave...and, believe me, I come from many that've disheartened lives under their rule. I am caught up in the middle of race wars, with those I love fightin' on either side.
But, I know that if I follow the truth, y'all are all my brothers and sisters, I can't deny it.
We all bleed the same. Thank y'all for bein' part of my life. I wish I could know ya, truly. I'd like to challenge everyone to do somethin' nice for someone you'd never have a thought of carin' 'bout. I'll get off my soapbox now. Be blessed, y'all.

Exactly what I'm tryin' to say, in a song.

P.S. - thank y'all for checkin' up on my blog while I've been away. Sorry it's been a while.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Another Quick Update

So, I've just figured out that I've had commentary on a few posts, but had no idea 'til I hit a certain button on this layout. I'm so sorry to y'all. I hope they've now published. Please bare with me. This is all new and takes time to get used to. I welcome more from the rest of you. Now, I'll try to go back and see if I can reply to those comments. Thanks for understandin'.

The Greater Good

We are not in this for ourselves. We were not created to stand alone.

Throughout this life of mine, most especially the last 2 decades, I've learned there's more than just me. I've never been the type to have to have all eyes on me but I've found myself lately wonderin' why, just a li'l bit, I seem to go unnoticed. Then, I quickly remind myself that I am what I do for others, how I care for others, when I share with others, even where I go for us all.

I don't need or want to shine in the spotlight, but would like just a glimmer shot into this world from show my commitment in contributin' to it's best.

Life's not easy, no. I feel, as of late, it's been quite more difficult than ever. Even as I sit here typin' this, my body's been wrecked from the burden of stress tryin' to press me down. These last couple of months have worn me out, y'all. But, I've given my best to all and everything surroundin' me. In all my ways I've pulled outta myself 'til it seems there ain't a drop I've not poured in.

Everything happenin' has confirmed that there is no time in life for isolated solitude. Our presence is required to join the production of life.

In some way, we help guide the fate of our destiny, though God has final say and we must resign ourselves to not fight so. While only He knows the course, it's smoother under the care of those with a true willingness to abide beside through the faults as we falter.

The solitary may manage, but I do believe that help comes along at just the right moment for all of us. Each of us can't deny a time when God reached out to us through a form of help by someone, no matter how small or minute.

We must keep memory of that and do as they say these days by "payin' it forward". WE are NOT alone.

Through all of these trials lately, I know I've not been shoved away into the corner of loneliness, though it seems I long for someone to realize what I do, it's good enough havin' the understandin' that God has promised that all things will work for our good when we do for the greater good of others in our world and ourselves.

When I've felt that melodramatic mindset of "oh me" and "why oh why" as I've gone through this most recent tryin' period, God's reminded me that He sees...through others that have offered encouragement and smiles and understandin'.

It seems so small and slight sometimes, but in the briefest moments I feel Him nudgin' me forward outta myself for the benefit of those I love. There is one goal for our lives.

He's taught us that we must srive for love and peace and to echo this throughout our lives for others to see our lights shinin' to take it up and carry on in that spirit of glory for the greater good ...our greater good, together. If we do not live in such a way, we risk the death of our minds, bodies and souls..crushed spirits. The tiniest negatives will effect us in the darkest ways and we'll succumb. Thankfully, I know that through God's grace, He's always offered us an out by revealin' a positive from the place of selfless gratitude shown to us in His love that he guides us to feelin'.

Y'all, while I feel spent and burnt after goin' through the most recent struggles, I know I've worked for the greater good of my family and friends and have helped many to help others and send this out further into this place we call our homeland.All of y'all who're residin' elsewhere can do so, spreadin' rays of light with love throughout your own countries and within your communities.
We must truly be the change we wish to see in the world, and I think we'll find a source of joy in knowin' that even in our darkest moments we can give from ourselves an inklin' of who we are to someone else in need of our concern. We can't do this life by ourself and must remember that everyone facin' their own battles deserves a kindess to prod them in movin' along. Our love can help heal this world.

Please, join me in creatin' change for the betterment of our lives. It doesn't mean you'll not face trial, but in that, in doin' despite our own struggle, we'll overcome while healin'. 
Let's start today.
I love and pray for you all.

Please, enjoy this song.

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Quick Update

Hi, y'all! I know it's been a while, but here I am, again.
As these last few weeks have been so tumultuous, I ain't sure how to go from here, I must say. I started this blog to have an outlet for expression, but I feel bound by so many aspects of life that I'm unable to share for one reason or another. Sometimes I question where I'm goin' with this or what is the true intent and purpose. I don't feel as though I've certain knowledge to share that isn't already part of our human experience in this rough world. It's so hard to navigate, isn't it?
I feel like no matter how hard I try or the more I give, I'm left empty, breakin'. I dunno where y'all are. I do know that if we cling to Him we'll make it through. Right now I feel hope is necessary to face the future.
I'm tryin' to think of a direct topic to speak on, but nothing's comin' to me at the moment. 
I really just wanted to thank everyone that's popped by my blog to have a look. I dunno what reactions it's brought to you. I'm wonderin' what y'all would even like to hear 'bout. 
Bein' that I'm a military wife, I must be careful..and, I'm very protective of my family, also. 
What else is there for me to write 'bout when that's the whole of my life, though?
Durin' this time off, I've questioned why I don't just take my blog down. But, there's gotta be some way to still share life in all its glory or shortcomings. Guess I need to do some more thinkin'.
I'd love to hear from y'all, especially elsewhere in the world.
I must go for now, but hopefully I'll be back with a li'l somethin' for y'all to read soon.
Thank you to those who've checked in on my page while I've been away. I hope life's been comin' along for y'all okay.
Ta ta for now!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Out of Commission...

...for a li'l while, but will be back up and running as soon as possible.
My dog caused intact damage to my laptop. 
Also, much is going on here needing tending to...please, I ask you for prayers, greatly.

P.S.- Thank you, Singapore and Italy, for reading thus far.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Li'l Surprises

So, I know I've shared some 'bout my birthday and Mother's Day, but I left out the tokens I received by those who've loved me most.
It was such a surprise to me when these things came in. It's been difficult to have correspondence with my husband on duty for our government, but when I opened a very beat up box that he wrapped both ways all 'round (lol) to find a NAVY bear that I could squeeze and hear a lovin' message in his voice, it meant the world just to hold a piece of him.
My parents sent me 3 presents to go with each of my cards...I will cherish these, as they're so very special to me.
The thoughtfulness of my loved ones is so precious, and I'm thankful for these day brighteners, and reminders of just how much I'm thought of and loved.
It also reminds me of how our God surprises us with poignant moments that cause us to be aware of His love throughout our lives...His blessings and the li'l miracles He proves His love for us with.
So, today, I hope y'all can relish in your own memories that've been a blessing to ya. Remember, you're special, no matter need of occasion.
I pray you feel the sweetness of some li'l surprise of your own in everyday/night. Blessings, y'all!

'Cause we all need and want some sugar.

Thank you, Spain, for readin'!

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