My Language to Yours

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Reflections of 1.5 Hours on a College Campus

Steam on the breeze

The drizzle of rain

Deep red, orange and brown Autumn leaves

The bare bones of a homeless outsider looking on with broken dreams

Hugs all 'round for friends departing

Walking, waiting and watching

Sad smiles, held back tears..for the failed final

The blur of taillights circling 'round


Faint Holiday tunes buzz between the buildings

Patience, yet must get there somehow

Quiet houses still in sleep amidst scampering teens

Colorful pavement

Engineers, nurses, thespian...CAUTION: Children are at play

Slate sky

Chums of all colors, shapes and sizes...a mismatched rainbow

The awkward loneliness of lingering, longing love

Lights reflect their energy...some fizzle and fade

Strong arms come to help feeble hands

Tuned in or tuned out?

Emotional baggage, defying their world

Pleas for love, left to walk alone

Bustling late or finally early

Hiding beneath the cloak, head down over muddy ground

Strength of the guard...military still reaching

Riding on security. Zoom. Zip. Vroom.
Forgetful whereabouts with a hopeful hustle

Light loads of labor...a carried canvas, blank, waiting for that stroke, to begin

Skipping step, tripping up, twisting down

A roll of thunder surprises

Scarves galore

Piddly tree swaying

No-one stops on the corner, still the bus comes

Trying to get by, a yellow leaf falls

The jay walker startled by the boom of bass rattling cars

Branches droop over hoods

Tiny tots of parents yearning with full messengers

Backward hats and bandanas, sloshing boots or wet shoes

Gray, Gray, Gray

Dreary, yet here comes something bright

A tap on the window and my daughter awaits - her chance to drive her car, her chance to steer her life
ALL, to strive for better

Looking, listening, learning

I'm sure this could be many a College kids song for memories of their independent days of bucking the system thinking they know it all and the world's against them. It sure does sound like my Doodle.

Copyright November 29th, 2018 owned by C.L. Chapps

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