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Thursday, November 29, 2018

I'm Still Here.

Just lettin' y'all know that I've been away due to my laptop glitchin' up me tryin' to post. I've succumbed to tryin' to get this mobile site down pat..I'm not sure if this'll work, but I've hated being away and am 'bout to post again in a few. We'll see how well I've done and I'll try to do more while awaitin' the chance for better technology. It's not easy on this havin' to enlarge and move 'round my small screen, but I've missed this. So, I hope this reaches y'all out there in my blog world. Also, I see that while I've been gone I've had views from Russia, the UAE and Switzerland! Thank y'all!!

I hope Y'all understand why I chose this song to say "I'm still here".

Copyright November 29th, 2018 owned by C.L. Chapps

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