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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Toddler Trikin'

One of the best memories I have of my toddler times in England was of Carlita and her trike. She seemed to love the freedom she had pedalin' that thing 'round. It made me excited, it was contagious.

I wanted to feel it, too. I dunno if she decided I could step onto the back bar that set between the trainin' wheels, or felt forced to share, but I'll never forget the 1st time I held onto her while she gave me a tour of our world I'd never seen in such a way. It's a feelin' I have to this day, to long for my estranged sister, to feel confident in her love and protection for me. Despite growin' to understand that the same li'l girl who found namin' me so important would soon detest my presence in her life, through the years we shared several moments of the like. Yet, through the distance over time, I've clinged to a notion that she'll never realize how special her acknowledgement of me truly is.

It's a sad thing, yet I find joy amidst the sorrow, just as I did so long ago. See, she'd get to whippin' that thing 'round 'til I'd fall either on my bum or to the side and catch myself on my hands. I could've whined or cried 'bout it, and I recall a tear or two, but I had a resilience to get up and dust myself off to try it again. Perhaps I was just as stubborn as she, to show her somethin' of my gumption.

But, at least I had the gumption. It's very important for us in life, to fight back against that which tries to knock us down for good. We could mumble and grumble while victimizin' ourselves, or we can stop and think of what can come of us completin' whatever the mission, the goal is that we set out to achieve.

How can I take such a minute moment in my life as a tot to meanin' somethin' so much more? I choose to always see the positive in everything. I could use such a moment in my memory to churn it's way into a grievance upon my sister, or realize it was nothin' intended and it didn't get the best of me. This can then be applied to life itself. Those moments of closeness I felt with my sister, the wind blowin' my toe-head locks as I felt the warm sunshine on my cheeks (which only seemed to come out from those dreary clouds when I was present, lol) meant more than the whoopsy-daisy that was just par for the course. There was a joy to find and feel in overcomin' the trip that could've had me runnin' to my Mum never to hop on that trike again. It was almost the reverse, that knowin' if I did it once, wouldn't it be even better the next time? After all, it was time with my biggest influence..the older sister that I'm too stubborn these days to lose.

Somehow there's a joyous occasion waitin' at the end of every pitfall, literal rock bottom. There can be no stop on this life, no stayin' stuck in a mire, as life goes on, moves right along without us playin' out our dreams, our thrills, our freedom. 

I'd like to encourage y'all to feel a moment today that won't allow the rest of the days bummers to rule over an enjoyment you can take or make the time to relish in.


Please, click here to enjoy this song that reminds me of my sister and me, as we'd always harmonize together.

Copyright October 17, 2018 by C.L. Chapps

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