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Monday, October 22, 2018

Stair Climbers

Hey, y'all!

Before I begin this post, I'd like to thank all my family and friends who've encouraged me through the years to express myself in writings. Most specifically my cousin, Jay Cool, who's own blogs I've shared with y'all under my faves. Please, check hers out, as well. I'd also like to acknowledge my sister, who gifted me my first books on poetry, to encourage the li'l sis she hoped to see flourish. Among our downs, she always pushed me to reach for more, which leads me into another story 'bout my childhood.

This story involves a bright-eyed tot, and a staircase. Yep, that's me. I was a very active child, and caused my Mum, some toughies. I think I recall, as she'd bring this story up over the years, that I'd give her those mini heart attacks that one may get from a near fall down some stairs. But, I was goin' up. I'd disappear from her sight and she'd find me toddlin' up the steps while she'd try her best to coax me down or freeze as to not frighten me to fallin'. But, despite my clumsy self, I'd get up enough as I was willin' to dare, turn 'round, and just a get to gigglin'.

There ain't much more to that li'l story. Though, I've always tried figurin' out why I'd do so. Perhaps, I wasn't afraid 'cause I'd not the mind to think of what could be forthcomin' if I did take a spill. But, my Mum knew and, like always, has tried to spare me from any potential harm done to me. All I know is that I've always had such a curious mind. What I was searchin' to find, I dunno. My li'l ADHD self could've just gotten bored and decided to go get somethin' new to entertain me. Somethin' I've also come to realize after hearin' an Appalachian folksong for kids, that I'll be sharin' a link to for y'all, is that I may just have been tryin' to find the light of Jesus I'd heard 'bout(Christianity abounded 'round me).

The reason this matters, is that it causes me to ponder why there aren't many of us, or maybe there are more than seems, who set out on an expedition to fill our soul with a brighter love than this plainly dark world forbids. How can we gather and gird ourselves for the struggle 'til we reach the top and can smile at our accomplishments? How long will it take? That is of no consequence when there's a quest to be and give the best of ourselves to this world, to realize that no matter our troubles, we can overcome obstacles. And, we can help nudge others to strive for their highest potential.

All it takes is just one, single step. Where will your feet plant and guide you today? What will your arms reach for, to cling steadfast and confident? I encourage you to look up. There's no time for spiralin' down into the pit. We must keep movin' along, for life goes on. I wish y'all the best as ya reach for your stars!

Please click here to enjoy this li'l old time Southern tune.

Copyright owned October 22, 2018 by C.L. Chapps

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