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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Grace from Mess

Well, y'all, I've been a mess and made messes throughout my lifetime, thus far. I dunno 'bout y'all, but I just can't seem to go through anything that comes my way without bummin' up somethin', some aspect or even dealings with others involved. This started at a very young age.

My Mum's pictures of me in my high chair with bowls of spaghetti on my head, the sauce smeared all over my cheeks that're just a smilin', as I'd giggle. They're in her blackmail stash, and believe me, she's used them once or twice. She or my father could've put a spankin' on me, of course, but there was a grace in their handlin' of me as they realized I hadn't the cognizance to understand the consequences of my action. Could this be that the grace said over our meal had saved this precious gal from offense?

In a way, isn't life like this? Somehow, somewhere, some way there's a grace, a sliver of release from the tedious tasks, the never-anything-goin'-right moments, the screw ups we've made or been sucked into. Those why me moments still have a light shed on them that allows a spark of life to strike us when we're layin' in the mire of our messes.

Sometimes, we can't help becomin' a mess. A recent event I and N.D.(my husband)have gone through was out of our control, but boy did it get us messy! Y'all, we were to attend a very special military event in our best dress, to be honored as the strong couple we are to have accomplished this segment of his career  in support of one another. I'd gone out and found THE best ball gown in our town.

Now, N.D. made the trek home after a round of 24 hour duty. This took almost 5 hours due to some nasty weather, ferry hold ups, and bridge closures. If anything could go wrong in this hectic house full of wild boys (their friends, too), it sure was seemin' like the devil was on our heels. At any rate, my lovely and very talented daughter took the time(nearly 2 hours)to make sure that my makeup was spot "en flique"(what in the world?!). While my N.D. was in awe of the sight of me in the dress he'd not seen a glimpse of yet, we're all 3 tryin' to stuff me into the lace up bodice. Then comes the Southern Belle hoop(yes like they wore in the Confederate days).

Well, this was after tryin' to not mess up my wavy hair that I and N.D. had straightened to curl, which we rushed to do 3 hours worth in one and a half. As I'm steppin' into this, N.D. notices a curl out of place and pulls to brush it completely straight again(if y'all knew how thick and heavy my hair is, you'd understand). Well, we had to make it all look the same, so we're over our time we should've been leavin'.

Our daughter wanted pictures outside, but N.D is havin' to referee the craziness of our boys, and I'm havin' to bend down for her to fit me in the camera, while it's startin' to drizzle and stick to my glasses with a foggy mist(it was quite chilly). By the time we fit into N.D.'s truck, my wrap was clingin' to me like saran. The more I moved, it's fragility began to shred. What should've been a nearly 2 hour drive took almost 4 hours as we went through torrential to more torrential and most torrential downpours while creepin' 'round mountainous hills.

Y'all, we finally arrived to this huge farmland with a tiny tent set up in the middle of crops on a lane just big enough for the plow to get through. There's no way we're wantin' to get outta this truck and step down to slosh in the muddy and soggy grass, but N.D. had to show face and make an appearance, me by his side. Thank goodness I wore my bejeweled high-wedges under my 4x skirted gown, 'cause when my feet hit the ground, I felt cold gook up to my ankles. The umbrella N.D. held over me did nothin' to shield me against sideways rain as big as dimes. It was a painful bout of water spillin' off the top onto me while the wind blew the thang nearly inside out. We sought shelter under a huge oak, scopin' out the situation.

It was ridiculous, yall. There's a piece of plywood put down over a sink hole full of sludge that I was expected to walk on as we entered the tent. What happens? I slip on the slope goin' down into this tent that sits, finally, on even ground that is now havin' streams run through it 'cause of a dude that's usin' a pole to lift the edges of the tent for the water 'bout to collapse it. There's no place to sit that ain't gonna be like wadin' into a beach and the only people there are the smashed guys who don't care and a few miserable wives who weren't dressed anything like me. You can imagine that I soon became the talk of this podunk shindig - either them bein' snotty 'that I was a better fit than they at an event such as this, or the dudes remarkin' on how I outclassed my N.D.

Thankfully, the master of ceremonies gracefully relieved us within a few minutes of bein' there, after handin' out our "specials". We were to make our way out of this place and go where now? All of the day's hard work in sprucin' up for this event to have it wasted. Y'all, I stood there feelin' so defeated that everything we were to stand for became ruined. There I was, upset that MY night to shine as his biggest supporter, the reason for this honorable promotion, was over within 5 minutes. There was no fancy coursed dinner, no dancin', no awards, no minglin' with the new "club". I looked like a wet Cocker-Spaniel, slippery from melted lotion, in a dress weighin' me as down as I felt inside.

But, N.D. whispers in my ear in his way that reminds me we have the entire night to spend alone together, have a date, and make it the best. I knew there was somethin' good gonna come outta that rinky-dink li'l prayer I'd made as I was still tryin' to be thankful for such a time.

So, though I slipped again on that stupid no-good board, I slid off my wedges, lifted the bundle of gown into my arms, and left his umbrella to dance in the rain, gigglin' away while the guys(knowin' I'm from the South)were sayin' it's no biggie 'cause I'm used to the swamps. Somehow, I didn't give a hoot 'bout the eyes all over me. I came to enjoy myself. It turned out miserable, but I was relishin' in the fact that God's grace in His havin' a reason for everythin' allowed me to still be joyous. I let all my frustration be washed away in that li'l bit of time releasin' negative thoughts that could've had me stuck in a pitiful funk as I questioned how come things never go the way I hope for. And, just as we're on our way to a hotel for OUR time, the sun shone, along with a rainbow. There's the promise that grace will be given and reign over our darkest times.

I do believe that grace allows us to make the best of things that seem to have our life in such shambles. When we feel we've done our best and nothin's pannin' out, that we're failures or somethin's failed us, durin' those times, we must try our best to remember the sun will burst outta those clouds when it all seems life's pourin' down on us as we go through our trials. Then we can lift up our head, our hands, and kick up our heels, feelin' the rhythm of the rain and flowin' with it, instead.

I encourage y'all to feel a grace in your today..whether it be hectic, crazy, have you thinkin' you're not good enough. Stop, think, relax, breathe, and rest in knowin' that grace has you. Nothin' can defeat you with grace. Be graceful, search for what's graceful. Whether you say "grace", it's always there to grab and cling to when life seems ridiculously all too much. Remember, when ya feel that rain, just dance.

Grace be with y'all through your life journeys.

Please enjoy this take on one of my fave songs, and I hope ya like the movie references, too!

Copyright October 23, 2018 owned by C.L.Chapps

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