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Friday, May 24, 2019

The Man of My Dreams...

...came into my life over 17 years ago.
But, not just my life, my precious daughter's, too. She and I had been US, our own li'l crew - me and my DoodleBug.
Of course, my family had been the first to care for and love the 2 of us.
I'm choosin' this time, however, to pay homage to my dearly beloved husband.
Our hero. And, not just 'cause he's literally a hero for his military service to our government, and sacrifices for this family and our fellow man. He's truly an honourable gentleman.
When people have asked us the story of how we met and got to where we are, they most always relate it to something of the likes of a Lifetime movie..and, in every way that could be true...the drama, the emotion, the passion, the depth of love, etc.
I am proud to say that even through the ups and downs and wild rides, we're as devoted as our young love had us all those years ago. And, boy were those years made tough for us, but it's more than okay 'cause nothin' will ever separate us for good. All those who thought we were never gonna make it, boo on ya. Nothin' 'bout life is easy, especially livin' amongst the militaristic style, but nothin' will drive a wedge between us, that's a promise.
I have and will always love this man that God sent into our lives. He's been the man that he didn't have to be, nor did he ask for what he's gotten himself into...he just has always been.

Although, I can say he snuck a peek at me before makin' the first move to head in our direction. So, through my father's ministry to the military, I decided to jump in and do what I felt my part in supportin' our troops was.

Now, what you should know, is that after a few very traumatic incidents surroundin' my life amidst my pregnancy, I was very anguished by the thought of allowin' any other male close to me/us. Well, I'd let go of all the negative emotions and pained mentality, grew by the blessin' of my wonderful miracle in the birth of my daughter, and recommitted my life for God to do with. I'd accomplished so much from within to give out into the world surroundin' my life. While I was involved with actions to change other's lives, my own life was, as well. I was guided to pray not for God to send someone into our lives, but to accept who God would send our way. It wasn't an idea I sought after and bein' that I always go with the flow of things happenin' for a reason, I just figured whatever could be would be in it's time. I began to feel unafraid and open to what God would do in our lives.

Enter, my next gift from God.

So, through the program I mentioned above, I decided to "adopt" a troop from every branch of service in order to send care packages and be a support for them as a prayer warrior and pen-pal. This was supposed to be an anonymous type of thing. But, I know a private eye type of guy who found out his adoptee and decided to snab a pic of which he decided to make a move on this "very cute Southern gal"(ME).
From the startlin' first meetin', and I mean how smooth he explained his case, I knew this guy snagged me and would reel me in...and, I was ready to let 'im. I cain't explain it, but from the moment I heard his deep gratin' voice(think of the country singer Josh Turner)and saw his picture, I knew he'd become mine...especially when he serenaded me in his looow bass voice the song "Would You Go With Me".
Our correspondence was sensational through Dear John letters, packages, and the good ol' AOL at the time...and, he can't to this day fathom how I managed to keep his "man of few words" self on the phone 'til workin' hours again. Speakin' of, he's always been the type to mean what he says and say what he means.

We meshed on so many levels, and ever since findin' out 'bout the ones in which we differ, we've balanced the other out.

His care and concern for the goings on in our lives was amazin'. His help, unasked for, proved his willingness to have us as his own.
It was awe inspsirin' to learn of his tours of duty and how his occupation affords this country such a security.
I will never forget the 1st time we literally met. As soon as his ship pulled in from it's time at war, his country boy bum hopped in his truck to head down to see us from 2 states away. Oh, how it was. Such a tall, strappin' young man approachin' while hidin' flowers behind his back...I ran out the screen door with one of the biggest smiles on my face(1st was at the birth of my doodle)and into his arms. I didn't wanna take my hands from 'round his neck, and I snuggle there every time I have him here.

And, when Doodle saw him, she stated HE was HER FATHER! 
Well, everything fell into place, so naturally. 
I've gotta give props to my family for allowin' him into our lives to love us and lovin' him and supportin' us from the get go...thank y'all Momma & Diddy!

From then on, everytime he had liberty he was visitin'...even drove all night for several hours after duty to be there the next day for Doodle's birthday before havin' to drive right back afterward.

In so many ways since then he's proved his faithfulness and loyalty. I love him for everything he is, all that he's been, and all that he will be.
He's never waivered in his love for me and our children. And, in that regard, he's NEVER been labeled as "step" parent...He's her Dad, too!

And, the way he provides is awesome.
Not only is he smart, but he's skilled. I love how his engineerin' mechanical mind has saved us some odd however many thousands of $ 'cause he's my fix-it guy, and the boys' go to guru for all things they get themselves into with their inherited "how does this work" ingenious, they are.
And, he's been the one and only to be the role model of "father" in her life, ever. Believe me, he's set the standard for any guy hopin' to live up to callin' her their own someday.

He's been such a leader, an example, in every sense. He's the best head of household I could possibly imagine.
And, he works SO hard...especially bein' my help meet. We're somethin' together...been labeled a "power couple" so very often.

And, without him I'd be so different, things would be so different. I couldn't imagine the rest of life without him, or losin' him at some point. His presence in my life is everything, means so very much.
He's never questioned whether I was too much to deal with or why he'd bother with a young woman who's facin' physical trials. He came to care for me durin' my 1st procedure after meetin' him and's never left my side through any other he's been given leave to be present for. He keeps me goin'. I miss my English teas he makes me...always a comfort. He can still hold me when I'm at my worst.
He is the epitome of "knight in shinin' armour", as he's rescued this damsel and made her a Queen. 
I'm sure you're wonderin' if there's anything on the flip side of this that I'd not mind sharin', but this isn't 'bout shamin' an imperfect shell of a man who's been perfectly capable of freely givin' his love to me. Just like that Lifetime movie, there are strained moments, but we've overcome any doubts and all those troubles that try to thwart every goodness.

God's been good to see us through. He's chosen the best man to hold this heart. I wish, a lot, he could do so more literally, but he'll have it always.

I feel safe, I feel secure with this strong character in my life. I know he'd do anything and everything to make his way home in the worst of situations tryin' to do him in. He'd lay down his life without a shadow of doubt. He's as selfless as they come. He realizes what really matters, what's important.

The man I see, of course, is different in everyone's eyes...yet, I know what I know. I know he's a wonderful bein' that isn't prideful or pompous and doesn't care for thanks for doin' what he's just him. And, the higher his status is defined, the more humble he is...nothin' goes to his head.

LOL, I'm sorry, I know that my husband's gonna be the only one to get that meme like I intend.
I'm sure he'd beg to differ 'bout any and/or all of this, and maybe even wonder what I'm tryin' to get outta him for strokin' his ego(nothin' and everything at the same time, lol). 
So, my love, I hope you're able to read this and see for yourself MY truth 'bout how much and why I LOVE YOU! I cain't wait 'til you return HOME. He'd say this isn't really our home 'cause he cain't wait for the day we live in what he's built from the ground up, which is gonna be superb, but HE has built our home in every other way on The Rock, solid and grounded. God's been good to him, and me, and our children, and this family. I'm so thankful to the Heavens for my guy.
Ooooh, I dunno why it seems I'm 'bout to end this without mentionin' how cool this guy of mine is with cars...anything automotive, really, but a FORD/Mustang freak have I! I just love how he gets so whimsical over this topic. All I can say is that he's taken me on many an adventure with his autos. And, he can fix anything...once again, savin' thousands of $. I refer to him at times as my very own 3M.😉
And, I can't forget how dull life would've been without him in our lives. With him, my eyes have been opened to so many new things. With his patient guidance, we've been taken to new places, new heights and gotten through circumstances we'd never even imagined could be. 

He's stood firm and steadfast by my side and I know that no matter what else is to come, we'll get through it hand in hand and heart to heart.

There is no other man for me or father for my children. While he may feel he's inadequate in both realms since there's no instruction manual for either, he's done a spectacular job given the situational circumstances of our life. 

Dang, this could all be saved for the upcomin' holiday of Father's Day, I realize, but I'm done hidin' all I've kept in while tryin' to protect my least this 1 time. I don't have to give out secretive secured information to rave 'bout how he fills my life with such joy. I remember him bein' kinda pouty, though he won't admit it, over not really bein' mentioned in my blog. So, here he is(not in all his glory, 'cause I'd be writin' a book(great idea!)). He just simply is the most lovin' man ever to be part of my life, and I'm blessed to have gotten to know him and make him mine.

Well, God did that, yeah. He is good for giftin' us this man to love with a true unconditionality. I couldn't feel the splendor of life as much without ever havin' known him. While he's away, though I have my lovelies, it's just not the same. He is the prime example of how the Bible says our mate will be to us. He does complete me and make me whole.
We are one...and, definitely a force to be reckoned with. Which is why I call him my Hurricane. I think I'll leave it here, for now. Hopefully I've introduced him to y'all well enough. I'm proud to be loved by a man who's let everything go to let God's grace bring him full circle, who He'd have him be, for us. Aside from everything in his previous life before us, he's become his own man, one I'm so honoured to hold onto as my partner for life.
I'm so glad to share that God's given me the desires of my whole heart. No fantastical and childish dream could compare.

And, I pray for each and every one of you to have someone in your life that has been or is the best thing that's ever come to you. If the time hasn't come yet, I know God will see through his promise to never leave you lonely. Continue to pray for those that are in your life that you may not see in this light...God can change the heart, the mind, your lives. Try to see the best, and look 'round the bad. Be the way you'd wish to be received. If you've been through tumultuous times, pray God will provide a breakthrough from the madness. God can open the heart, again. And, God can remove you from that which has you in pain and place you somewhere serene. And, cling to family and friends. If you're alone, give of yourself in time to begin the change in your life. I pray all these things for all of ya. Trust and believe, have faith. God bless your hearts, my friends. 

Just one of our love songs, my hubby. 'Cause you know I'm also keepin' you forever & for always!

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Li'l Surprises

So, I know I've shared some 'bout my birthday and Mother's Day, but I left out the tokens I received by those who've loved me most.
It was such a surprise to me when these things came in. It's been difficult to have correspondence with my husband on duty for our government, but when I opened a very beat up box that he wrapped both ways all 'round(lol)to find a NAVY bear that I could squeeze and hear a lovin' message in his voice, it meant the world just to hold a piece of him.
My parents sent me 3 presents to go with each of my cards...a MAY Angel to go with my collection, a Celtic door blessin' and a Celtic Prayer locket. I will cherish these, as they're so very special to me.
The thoughtfulness of my loved ones is so precious, and I'm thankful for these day brighteners, and reminders of just how much I'm thought of and loved.
It also reminds me of how our God surprises us with poignant moments that cause us to be aware of His love throughout our lives...His blessings and the li'l miracles He proves His love for us with.
So, today, I hope y'all can relish in your own memories that've been a blessing to ya. Remember, you're special, no matter need of occasion.
I pray you feel the sweetness of some li'l surprise of your own in everyday/night. Blessings, y'all!

'Cause we all need and want some sugar.

Thank you, Spain, for readin'!

Copyright May 23, 2019 owned by C.L. Chapps

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Reason Behind Mother's Day

So, yesterday was Mother's Day.
And, boy what a mother it was. :/
It seemed like it was doomed from the start. Due to the illness afflicted upon me a week ago, I found it incredibly difficult to sit upright in the bed yesterday mornin' and try to plant my feet on the floor..but, I was determined not to let the devil hold me back from bringin' my children into the spirituality I've been trainin' them to grow under since they're born.
After rousin' everyone, we were able to trudge through the motions of gettin' ready and makin' our way through a near accident along the way, but be greeted so ecstatically on the way into sanctuary. 
My heart's light from the moment I awoke, in that I was thankin' God for another day and such a special day all the more to delight in my children.
The ambiance enterin' church was soothin', the fellowship enlightenin' and the music harmoniously sweet. 
However, li'l man, who thought he'd try to venture out for our special day(he'd come down with a viral ick just before my birthday last week)began dealin' with lightheaded spells and havin' shortness of breath. He made it through the service, though I knew he was pushin', and also tried his best to push through supper aftwerward. Now, this wasn't the place my doodle had thought to bring me, but each place we drove to was so busy with lines out the doors. I tried to share with them a spot I found a while back, but even though the food was good, he couldn't enjoy it and there was one mishap after another throughout our time at the table. 
Doodle seemed so drained after service and the eatin' experience that she got gruff after the rest of her plans weren't pannin' out right, but I thought the best thing was for us to just simply sit outside and enjoy some sun and fresh air with each other...but, she's playin' vampire and Draco couldn't get the dog to run or fetch, so we decided it's best to bring li'l man back inside after a coughin' fit turned his nails purple and his face choked up sendin' him nearly to the floor. I tried to get him rested while I changed clothes in order to get him to the hospital. 
He was adamant that he's not goin' 'cause he didn't wanna ruin my day, but I said the reason there's a today is 'cause I am his mother and my duties to him as my son are all the time.
It's not ruinin' my day to care for him as God allows me to do.
He's my reason for livin' to be the mother he needs. He is more special to me than a holiday to celebrate how special I am. I'm glad and thankful to be his mother.
I wouldn't be his mother, especially on a day like Mother's Day, if I didn't care for him...that it's innately a part of who I am. He said to me that I am especially special for lovin' and carin' for him, no matter what.
In the meantime, Doodle crashed out while she and her li'l bro lounged 'round her room with the gamin' system...and forgot what the theme of the day was, so when we came home later that evenin' to her sassy self and the thought came to her, I looked at her disappointed face and before she could apologize I told her that EVERY day is Mother's Day for ME.
My munchkin asked me why, to which I'd replied it's 'cause of him and his siblings...that they're the reason that I'm a reason, and I'm a reason 'cause my Momma's my reason and so on so forth all the way back to grandmother Eve, so we're all the reason behind Mother's Day. 

So, I've spent  the whole of this new week thus far doin' what I do...bein' Momma...all the time, for they're my reason.
And, I love it..bein' their Momma. And, I'm thankful for bein' blessed to be their Momma.
I was told durin' the prime of my teen years that I most likely would never have children, and God decided to gift me with 3 precious miracles.
I'll devote my life to this privilege. It wouldn't be a holiday to celebrate for me if it weren't for bein' graced by them. They're my reason for breathin', for livin' to be my best love them.
My heart is so full and grateful for havin' these kiddos to be called their mother.
I'm so proud of them, and am blessed to have their love. To me, Mother's Day isn't just 'bout the mother, but the children she's had that give her that title. Once, again, that bein' said, my children are my reason behind my Mother's Day. 

For all y'all Mother's out there, I know it's comin' a bit late, but I do hope y'all had and continue to have a blessed Mother's Day, everyday.

Meanwhile, this song reminds me of back home and how my kiddos and I miss it, but thinkin' of them feelin' this way 'bout ours, also. There ain't nothin' like bein' back home at Momma's.

P.S. - Y'all, please pray for my li'l man, who's sufferin' from pneumonia currently. I appreciate it, thank you.
P.S.S. - Thank you to my readers in Luxembourg, Brazil and Portugal!

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